Just me…….

imagesWelcome to Wineymom.com  I hate to disappoint but this is not a wine blog………
The name Wineymom suites me well!
I’m a midwest mom not quite over the hill but out of breath from climbin’.   I keep myself busy by watching too much tv, sleeping in, camping, crafting and wine tasting.  In my spare time, I’m a school nurse, I work a second job and I have a small business of my own called www.spicymarymix.com  
Like a lot of moms, I battle between living healthy and being an all out foodie.
On this site you’ll find recipes, crafting ideas, occasional antics about my pups and my journey to changing my lifestyle.
Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or give ideas.

What you won’t find on this page is comments, thoughts or advice on parenting.  We’re all in the same battle……some of us choose to come to that battle armed appropriately while others choose to show up waving a white flag.   Either way….not my circus, not my monkeys.