Just me…….

Just a fat and sassy mid west mom with a few extra minutes on my hands. (and pounds on my hips!)
I spend my days working with other people’s children and my nights being irritated with my own.
I enjoy being a sloth, wine tastings and crafting. My current crafting includes lots of sewing and a little quilting…throw in some knitting; crafting with corks and well, whatever other colorful craft suits my fancy at the time.
I am obsessed with my two dogs, Dodger and Bree.   I couldn’t love them any more than I do!  Dogs are so comforting.  I’m sure, you’ll find antidotes, often, about the antics of Bree and Dodger.
I consider myself a foodie but with hillbilly taste buds. I enjoy eating out and trying new things! I am addicted to Pintrest and have absolutely no desire to get help for my addiction.
What are you looking for on this page?  More than likely, if experience is MY friend, it’s not going to be what you’re looking for.   I consider my page something like a “box of chocolates” and a pot luck……’ya never know what you’re gonna get’

My mostest favoritest things include:
*My dogs
* Camping
*Jungle Jim’s sushi
*Photos of fam
*White wine
*Time with my hubby
*The color peach and pink
*amazing meals
*wine with my hubby around a camp fire
*my framed Charles Harper

My moments of “no thank you” include
*negativity (don’t be a victim!)
*POOR customer service- HATE this!
Random neighborhood/workplace/ female gossip