Welcome! If you’ve been a follower you know I’ve had a tough go at getting this site back up and running. But here I am, let’s keep our legs, eyes and fingers crossed that I’ve got it figured out.
For the rest of ya- I’m Jenn. I fancy myself a typical Midwest, Ohio mom & wife. I live in a fairly small town where I live, work, shop and attend church within 3 1/2 miles of each other. So when I say, “I don’t get out much” there ya have it.
I’m married to an amazing, award-winning wine maker. I’m mom to 2 crazy girls. My oldest, Molly, is in her 20’s and married. My youngest, Zoe, is a senior in high school; which means that before I know it, I’ll be an empty nester and honestly, I’m not taking it well. An empty nester I do not want to be! (I love my beautiful chaos!)

Besides my husband and girls, I’m also mom to two other children. Dodger- my old chubby beagle and Bree the brat. #Dogobessed
This blog is about things that interest me so I hope to share some useful content. Comments and questions are always welcome!
Peace, love, cookies and wine.