Just me…….

Welcome to Wineymom!  The title fits me well:)
I’m an Ohio mom not quite over the hill but out of breath from climbin’
I’m a school nurse that loves her kiddos by day and stresses over her “birth kiddos” nightly………..oh and daily!
My life is simple and not worthy of a website yet some how here I am.   This page is about sharing ups, downs, recipes and cocktails.    I work a full time job, a part time job and have my own small business.  Yet I still find time to sleep too much, watch too much tv.         There’s no such thing as too much love, too much fun, too much laughter and of course, too much wine!   Cheers, friends!

My mostest favoritest things include:
*My dogs
* Camping
*Jungle Jim’s sushi
*Photos of fam
*Time with my hubby
*The color peach and pink
*amazing meals
*my two  framed Charles Harpers

My moments of “no thank you” include
*negativity (don’t be a victim!)
*POOR customer service- HATE this!
Random neighborhood/workplace/ female gossip