A Winey Mom From Ohio……….


I’m a  mom from Ohio who is blessed to have a wine maker for a husband.   I have 2 daughters- both so different and so awesome at the same time..
My oldest is a certified grown up. On her own, paying her own bills and rockin’ her own place.   #biggirlskills
My youngest  is SO busy! Sports, school & everything that comes with it!
    Me?  I love what I’m doing but exhausted doing it.   lovin that busy family life while complaining the whole time
So why my own site?  Just for funzies.
So let’s talk about the site.   Whatcha lookin for?  Well here’s what you’ll find:
Recipes (listed under yummies), date day ideas, book reviews, money saving ideas, wine reviews and more.

What you won’t find on this site is comments, thoughts or advice on parenting.  We’re all in the same battle……some of us choose to come to that battle armed appropriately while others choose to show up waving a white flag.   Either way….not my circus, not my monkeys.


**Friends, I know it’s a long way off…….but as of November 31, 2017 The site wineymom will shut down.  Time to move on to other things.    Thanks for reading!
Continue to follow us until then:)

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