A list of my favorite sites
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  • Book Bub-  If you are an e-reader fan, I totally suggest Book Bub.   Go in, click what type of books you like to read and receive one email a day with a list of book suggestions from Amazon.  Prices range from free to $2.99
  • Wish.com Actually I use the app more than the actual site but had to add this to the list.  The stuff on this site is hit or miss.  I would not recommend buying clothing of any kind from this site as it always seems to run too small.   But if you’re a fan of cheap crap from China, this is your site.
  • Yelp– Love this site!  I love writing reviews and reading them. This is my go to spot not only to get a feel for what folks are saying about a spot I want to try but also to have my voice heard when it comes to customer service.   Follow me on Yelp @Jenni H. in Cincinnati
  • Joansjourney.org  This organization is near and dear to my heart! Joan’s Journey raises money local and then donates it LOCALLY to those facing a financial crises due to an unexpected medical diagnosis.