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Adam and I love visiting new wineries.  We have our favs that we love re-visiting as well.  This is the list of every winery we’ve been to at least once.

1.Valley Vineyards.    Tell Joe we said Hello!
2.  Elk Creek– ky    Check out their summer concert schedule.
3.Vinoklet– hidden right in Cincinnati.  Beautiful view!
4.Henke Wines-  Joe is AWESOME!!!!    His wines are award winning and the pizza is da’ bomb!
5.Talon Wines– Very unique
6. Lovers Leap– Ky.  Www.loversleapwine.  Intresting story on how they got their name.
7. Stonebrook– LOTS of fruit wines!  Love it
8. Chrisman Mill.   A mall winery??
9. Jean Farris-  too fancy for me!!
10. Meier Winery-  Largest in Ohio
11. Meranda Nixon
12. Harmony Hill-  VERY COOL!!!!!  Bill is great!!!
13. Lakeside Wine      Felicity, Ohio—-Now Closed
14. Equus Run Vineyards
15. Wild Side Vines
16. Brandeberry Wines
17. Hanover Wines- They are awesome!!
18.  Ertel Cellars
19. Hidden Lakes this place!!!  A favorite of mine!
20. Swiss Heritage Winery
21. Breitenbach
22. Silver Moon Winery
23. Spring Hill Winery
24. Harpersfield– beautiful!
25. Virant
26. Debonne’
27. Ferrante
28. Old Mill Winery
29. Old Firehouse– You MUST come here for the sunset view
30. Lakehouse winery bed n’ breakfast-we stayed here– beautiful!!!
31. Marrko-  um, interesting.
32. Tarsitano
33. Laurello
34. South River Winery
35. Woodstone Creek (NOT a fan)
36. Lantheir Winery– IN– Very historic building
37. Thomas Family Winery– we didn’t go to their winery but they came to a wine outing for our wine group.
38. Wight-Meyer
39. Smith-Berry
40. Little River Winery– no where near my fav but hey, it’s #40!
41. Slate Run
42. Klingshirn– great prices
43. John Christ– great place! Lots of great ideas! GREAT wines!
44. Huber Winery– great place to spend an entire day! Lots of activities for kids too!
45. The Grateful Goat– Awesome concept; great labels.  Watch out for the big goat, he’s a meanie!  – NOW CLOSED
46. StoneVilla Winery- Pennsylvania
47. Georgetown Winery- Cambridge, Ohio
48. Terra Cotta Vineywards- New Concord, Ohio
49. Baker-Bird Winery  Augusta, Ky     Take the tour!!
50. Bardwell Winery- Mt. Orab, Ohio   Visited on our 10th anniversary
51. Old Mason Winery  – West Milton, Ohio
52. Firelands Winery
53. Mon Ami Winery
54. Rocky Point Winery- Oak Harbor, Ohio
55. Mio Vino Micro Winery- Deer Park, Ohio
56. Eagle Nest Winery- Tennessee; great people. Great wine
57. SugarLand Winery- Gatlinburg, Tn.
58. Tennessee Homemade Wines- Hubby loves their labels
59.  Bootleggers Wine- Gatlinburg, Tn.
60. Mountain Valley Winery-  #60!!
61. M Cellars
62. Deer’s Leap Winery
63. O’Bannon Creek Vineyards
64. Skeleton Root Winery
64.  Acres Of Land- NOW CLOSED
65.  Laurentia- very nice.  A little too expensive for my taste.  Beautiful winery
66.  St. Joseph
67. Kosicek
68.  Hundley Cellars
69.  Benny Vino Urban Winery……..URBAN???
70.  The big #70!   Alice N Johns Winery in California, Ky.  (Now 12 Mile Creek Winery)
71.  Fulton Grove Winery
72. Brianza
73. Millanova Winery- ky.
74.  Brooks Hill