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A few more money saving tips

Let’s keep going…….I could talk about saving money all. day. long.
Most of my suggestions are things you may be doing anyway.

  • If you enjoy eating out or you and your spouse are in to date night, I highly recommend you get addicted to   Groupon offers meal deals and activities for at least 50% off retail.  This is a great way to try new places in your city without breaking your budget.   Also, look for other similiar sites in your area.   I like using
  • As I mentioned before, look through your play store for money saving apps. If you’re a Walmart shopper, you need the savings catcher app!  Super simple.  Each time you have a Walmart reciept simply click in the savings catcher app, snap a pic of the Q code.   Walmart will compare their prices that you paid to the competiters in your area.  If they find a lower price, you get the differnce back on the app, to spend at Walmart.  Easy to use and it works!
  • Do you ?  You should!   Yelp is a site where folks write reviews on everything!!  Stores, dining, hotels, entertainment; you name it.  So how does Yelp save you money???
    1. There are many places with great Yelp reviews that want to keep their review standards high.  So they offer cash back.  Once you have a Yelp account, you can enter the card you frequently use to pay for things.   Yelp has a list of resteraunts that offer cash back.  Eat at one of those spots and they will automically put 5% of what you spend back on that card.
    2. Before trying some where new I always check out Yelp first.   If it has 300 reviews and only a 2 star rating, I’m not wasting my money.  That’s way too many people having bad experiences.
    Think you might want to write reviews?  Write away! You may get nominated for Yelp Elite.  This is a fun way to get to try loads of things in your city for FREE.  Yelp is always sending me invites for events they are hosting.  I’ve gone to some fun, amazing local places that I wouldn’t normally get to go to.  Follow me!  
  • I know this is going to sound like a stretch when it comes to “money saving”   but look at it this way….you don’t keep your back door open when your heat is running, do you?
    Ok, so we have a very large deep freezer chest in our laundry room.  This is an appliance we take full advantage of. If you have a deep freezer you know how chaotic they can be.  Meat can get quickly buried under pizza rolls and the next thing you know your pork chops and roast are freezer burnt.  That’s money you spent going straight in the garbage.
    My solution?  A white board.  This hangs in the laundry room right next to the freezer.  The idea is to write down everything you add to the freezer and erase everything you take out.
    How does this save money???
    1. It cuts down on the things that get buried and then get freezer burnt; those throwing away  food you paid good money for in the garbage
    2.  It’s a fact that meal planning, around your family’s schedule, WILL save you money!!  Every Sunday I study this board, look at our family calender to see what we’ve got going on and I meal plan around that.  If it’s a busy evening, I know to plan something quick and simple.  This gives you less chance of becoming desperate and just eating out several times a week…….drum roll……..saving you money.


I am always on the hunt for ways to save money.  If you have some great ideas, let me know- cheers!

Kroger-my favorite store to talk about


Why?  Because Kroger, that’s why. There are soooo many ways to save money at Kroger.
While  is Cincinnati based they are located in 30 states.   If you don’t have a Kroger please go ahead and read through this post as I’m sure there are several suggestions here that will work with your local supermarket.
If you read through this and you know of other ways to save money at Kroger, please share!! I’m always looking for ways to save and I’ll be sure to share your knowledge.
Ok we’re going to talk about 7 ways to save $$ at 

  1. My first is the most obvious, the Kroger card. I know the Kroger card pisses people off. Some people feel like they should just make their prices what they are and not force their customers to sign up for something. “It’s not fair.”     Listen, it’s fair.  This is a great trap to be in.  Through your Kroger card, the company tracks your purchases.        Yes, you’re being tracked! Take a deep breathe…….it’s not a goverment conspiracy.
    This tracking allows the company to know what you are buying on a regular basis and 1. Giving you a break on the price with a coupon and 2. making sure you come back to their store, as opposed to a competitor, for that item.
    Maybe the Kroger card is just propaganda, maybe not.  I’m just sayin…….I”m a fan.
  2. Fuel Points!    The more you spend using your Kroger card, the more fuel points you get for the month.  I think most of us know how that works (if not, email me) But let’s talk about a couple more ways to save money at the pump with fuel points.
    A. Are you going out to eat?  Before eating out stop by Kroger and purchase gift cards for the place you’re eating.  It’s money you’re spending either way.  The difference is by buying the gift cards you at least get the fuel points.
    B.  Planning a repair or home remodal?  Before heading to Lowe’s or Home Depot stop at Kroger and again, buy gift cards!!  If you’re going to spend the money at the stores, at least earn 2-4x the fuel points!
    C. Buying gift cards for gifts… A and B.
    D.  You can get up to 35 gallons with your fuel points. Did you know those fuel points can be used at the same time with multiple cars?
    Take two of your family cars to Kroger gas pumps; align at a pump across from each other.  You pay at one pump; use the points. After that tank is full you can pass the pump.   This is a HUGE way to save money. We do this all the time.
  3. Free Friday download…..this is awesome!  Most Fridays you can log in to     and download a coupon for a free item.  It may be rice, a candy bar, chips, gummy bears…….who knows! If it’s free it’s for me.
    If it’s something you can’t use I suggest picking it up anyway.  Your neighbor, friend, whatever can use this FREE item.
  4. Don’t want to use your fuel points?  That’s ok.   Put in your Kroger card and always get 3 cents off each gallon.
  5. Wine drinker?  Want to try something new?   A lot of Krogers have wine tasting bars….this is a great way to try something for .25 cents before purchasing.
  6. CLEARANCE!!!!  I scan the store, every trip, for mark downs and clearance!!  Most Krogers have a spot for clearance items.  But also, 100%, make sure to browse the isles..on any given day there are deals to be had.
  7. My last suggestion is coupons. And there are 2 ways to do coups.  Digital and paper.  To spend $1.50 every Sunday on a paper is most times, saving money.  ALWAYS visit Kroger’s page……add their digital coups to your card.  Even if you have no idea you are buying that item on your next trip.  If it’s something you sometimes buy, add it.
    Automatically taken off when you check out.
  8. Ok, I know I said 7 ways…..but let’s keep going. As with CLEARANCE, don’t be afraid to buy ‘mark downs.”  Yes, even meat.  We have a deep freezer and I take full advantage of mark down meats.  Did you know you can use a coupon on the marked down clearance price??
    Today I bought 4 burger patties in the meat dept. marked down from $5.99 to $4.  I had a coup that Kroger had mailed me for $1.10.  $2.90 for 4 fresh burgers.
  9. Work hard on learning to combine your clearance items, your mark downs, your digital and paper coupons with your money saving apps.  Get very familiar with Ibotta and really practice it.  It won’t happen over night.  But if you work on both Kroger and Ibotta your savings can be amazing.  Reach out, I’m willing to give tips on this anytime!!

So these are top, basic Kroger tips.  Hope it helps-

Next two favorite apps

Sorry Guys, I was hoping to hop on here and follow up with the thrifty is nifty posts more often; but I’ve been busy saving  money, lol.  

On my last post I talked about Ibotta.  Tonight I want to talk about a couple more apps.  Now remember, as I said, this is trial and error. There are folks out there that love to use lots of these apps. For me, a few is plenty.

 I’m new to this app but I like it. It’s SO easy to use.  Unlike Ibotta, this app does not give you the choice on how to recieve your rewards. It’s strickly gift cards.  You earn points toward picking the gift cards you want.  The points seem to add up fast and you can get gift cards in amounts as small as $3.00.
Fetch has “special offers.”  That is specific products, listed on their app, that earn you higher point values.   But they also offer points for just purchasing specific brands.  The cool thing with this app is that you don’t have to scroll through anything……You go to the store, you take a pic of your reciept and if you purchased something that they are offering points for,   points added!!
So  no scrolling and comparing what your purchased to what offers they have. Fetch does the work for you.  Take a pic of your reciept and they do the work……no offers found?  No worries…they give you points for just scanning your reciept.
If you’re thinking of signing up, please use referral code: PQ4PM    We’ll both get 3,000 points!


The next app that I am (not) obbessed with but I kinda like is Coin Out.  As seen on Shark Tank!!
While you will not become financially wealthy using this app, every little bit helps, right?  You simply take pics of your reciept.  Any reciept from any where.   And there is no buying certain items to get money back…..just simply take a pic of your reciept.   Your gas reciept, dinner out, you name it.
What is the catch?  Well like I said you aren’t getting rich.  You’re given random small amounts for each reciept you snap; any where from a penny to say 12 cents each.  Is it worth it?  That’s up to you.   But it takes less than 10 seconds to snap a pic and hit “submit”  and every little bit adds up.




Money Saving Obsessed – Ibotta

When stores stopped doubling coupons, my heart broke.  I had even taken a class on the best way to save money through couponing.  Once that stopped I kind of lost interest.

But now a days you can find SO many different ways to save money on pretty much everything!  Mostly through rewards cards and mobile apps.
I know there are tons of apps out there but to use more than just a few would be overwhelming and take up too much of my time.  So I’m just going to talk about the tools I use to save 

Just a few points to make before we get started:
*One of the coolest things you can do  is to learn how to work your apps together.  Not only will you save money but you can also get money back on purchases.  I will explain this strategy as we move along.
* Like I said, there are tons of money saving apps out there; tons! I suggest trial and error.  Take some time to read up on them, try them out, etc.  If it’s not for you there is always the uninstall button.

  1. One app that I am obessed with is Ibotta.  
    I’ve been using Ibotta the longest and there are so many different ways to use this app! After installing, the main way to use this app is through grocery shopping. Click on Ibotta and find your favorite stores.  Ibotta will list various items and will actually give you money back on those items, when purchased.
    What do I mean by money back? Ibotta will create an account for you where you will recieve money for items you purchase.  How do you get that money?  Well you can have it deposited into your PayPal account and take it as cash or……..
    You can take it in the form of  gift cards.  Let me explain how the gift card option saves me even more money!
    Cash is cash. You can’t beat that.  But gift cards……..
    I have a family. A teenager that plays sports.  There are some months that I feel like I’m bleeding money.  And like most families, we feel over whelmed during the holiday season.  Soooooo much to buy!!
    Adam and I buy for our parents, siblings, each other and mostly for our girls.  It’s expensive.
    But I have some comfort in knowing that right now, I have enough money in my   account to purchase four $25.00 Amazon gift cards.  That goes a long way for Christmas.  Think about that.  That’s 4 very happy people with a nice gift and I paid nothing for it.Just this summer for Adam’s birthday I was able to give him a $50 gift card to Lowe’s.  Nice gift for a guy. That was all Ibotta, Baby!

    Deep breath; go get a glass of wine. This is a lot to take in, folks.

    This is why I have decided to break this blog down in to several posts.  Too much info!!

I mentioned early on that you can use apps together an45
d that I would explain later.  So here we are.
In  future posts I will talk about other apps. For instance, Groupon.  Groupon will always save you money but did you know you can click on Groupon THROUGH Ibotta. You’ll save money by using Groupon but then you’ll get money back in to your Ibotta account.   #mindblowing
Let’s dig deeper!   Click on links like or  You can save, sometimes, 50% by booking through these sites, which is magical in itself but then imagine getting money back through Ibotta!!

Take the time to really get to know Ibotta    
The savings, once you figure things out, can be amazing!


Let me know if you have any questions!!
Gonna sign up?   Use referal code: slfmvmw
I’ll get $5 when you use the app; you’ll get $10!!