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MinWax Gel Stain- product review

I don’t even know where to begin.   I guess I’ll start from the beginning.
Our home was built in 1950 and we are the 2nd owners. We purchased in 2004 from the original owners that built the house.  I’ve heard great stories over the years about ol’  Fred and how handy he was.
In fact, when we finally got around to remodeling the kitchen this month we realized our cabinets are custom built by the first owner. That made this remodel even more exciting for me as my husband (2nd owner) will be adding cabinets he is custom building as well.
We’re on a budget and we’re not experts so my hubby did lots of research on the products we will be using.   Namely, MinWax Gel Stain.  It was more expensive than the oil based stains but he thought we would like it and that it would be easier to use.   Boy, were we wrong!
In fact, when he promptly returned this to Lowe’s when asked the reason for returning, he stated, “this is the worst product I’ve ever worked with!!”

We found the gel stain to be ‘gunky,’ hard to apply, and once on, appeared to have more of a thick,  painted look than stained. After covering just a few pieces we decided to stop and go back to a reliable stain; a product we’ve had experience with.
We stuck with the MinWax line as I don’t think this is an issue with the company but more a major issue with this particular project.

So after returning the Gel Stain and purchasing the oil based stain we spent HALF the money.  I can’t believe this product is DOUBLE the price of a regular stain!!

Ahhhhh, why didn’t we go this route to begin with??!   Ya live and ya learn.  And boy, did we learn!
Not only was this product difficult to apply but once we switched to an oil based stain this product was damn near impossible to remove.  We went through at least one sandpaper sheet per cabinet door.  There were times when I was so frustrated and I actually thought we were going to loose pieces of our original cabinetry to this product; which would have been not only expensive but tragic to the history of my  home.

I love social media and I love reading my friends’ post about their latest updates to their homes….when asked for recommendations, this product will NOT be on my list!!!