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Only good vibes here

   This site just wouldn’t be me if I didn’t have a good vibes page.  Because not only am I all about it, I’m blessed to be surrounded by it.
Like everyone, I am drowning in what the media wants to shove; wants to present……..and why???  Why would you base your career on reporting negativity, violence and disgust?  Because the people need to be informed??
I get it.  We “need to know.”
As humans, know that if we feel we are only  surrounded by  cynicism, desperation, addiction and lack of compassion……we will start to feel those things as our truth.

When the real truth is our hearts are hopeful. Even those hearts raised in desperation, cynicism, addiction…..
I truly believe a heart, if it feels nothing else; if it’s void, it still feels hope.

I have been called naive, silly, an ostrich and even dingy.  A bleeding heart.  If after everything we suffer through still allows me an open heart, call me what you want.
I will continue to believe in people.  The inner instinct to please, give and help.


We all have the innate instinct to help those in need. On whatever level that may be.  I once knew a drug addicted thief.  He stole everything he could get his hands on from spare change to cars and everything in between.  He’d been to jail hundreds of times.  He lived on the streets and lived for his next $10 hit of crack.  He would go absent for periods of time while on binges. Seeing him after an absence I wondered where his coat was since he wore it all the time.  He had given it to a homeless man.
We all have that innate instinct to help those in need.  On whatever level that may be.