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DIY Mail Subscription

It’s not a secret…….I LOVE surprises!!  There’s just something about knowing that someone loves me took time to think about a gift that will make me smile.  
And more than I love surprises, I LOVE making my family smile.  

 I absolutely adore coming up with gift ideas that will 
create a smile on the face of someone I care about.  
A cool gift idea is a subscription mail order. There are hundreds of them out there.
Mail subscription boxes are a big trend right now.  You can even get a 
subscription box for your dogs. 
 Subscription box PROS:
1. It’s a gift that keeps on giving! Who doesn’t love getting something in the mail (as long as it’s not a bill)
2. It’s something new each month!
3. You can ‘some what’ pick items suitable to the reciever.

Subscription box CONS:
1. It can get expensive
2. While you have some what of an idea of what type of items will be received, you really don’t know

Create your own monthly subscription that YOU send to your loved one every month- It’s easier than you think!

  • Come up with items you can mail easily and cheap. You can mail just about anything but for this post’s purpose, we’re just talking about things that will not require expensive postage, finding bulky boxes to fit your item and no waiting in huge lines at the post office
  • Really think about the receiver. What are they crazy about?? If designer hand bags are their passion, this gift giving idea is not for you
  • Make your packaging simple but fun! Think of items that will fit in standard manilla mailing envelopes
But keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be plain! Give it some flair!
Cover your envelope in drawings!

With your first package, create a fun, colorful introductory letter that lets the receiver know that they can expect a unique new package in the mail each month. This is all about having fun!

Now on to the part of this post I’ve been craving to write about!! IDEAS!!!! Remember- there is no limit but we’re talking about easy, less expensive items to mail.

  • SOCKS! This is one of my favorites- I’m currently doing this DIY subscription for someone… If you have someone that loves crazy socks (great idea for a teen!) this is perfect! Mail 1-2 pair each month. You can match them with holidays….St. Patricks Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. I highly recommend visiting your local Dollar Tree and Wish 
  • Razors- you can do a lot with this idea. You can give a great handle and each month send replacement blades or send a new razor each month
  • Candy- You can do SO much with this one! If you have someone that loves sour- send a different sour candy each month………Do dark chocolate, etc.

Body Spray-  when I think about the inexpensive route, I’m thinking this would work great for a pre-teen girl.

Hot chocolate/coffee/tea- this is a great choice!! We all know someone that loves at least one of these choices. If you are in the Cincinnati area and you’re thinking about the hot chocolate choice I can tell you that Jungle Jims has adorable packs of hot chocolate for right around $1 a pack. Easy to mail.

Nail Polish


Coloring books

Cross Word Puzzle Books

Stickers- kids love stickers!!! You can pick up a pack of stickers at the Dollar Tree; mail for the price of a stamp and there ya have it


Ties- If you have dad in the suit/tie world; this is a goodie

Hot sauce

Fishing Lures

Note cards/stationary

Jewerly But wait…..I said INEXPENSIVE! I highly recommend Paparazzi- adorable, fun pieces at just $5. If you have a lady that loves fun necklaces, this is a great way to go. If you need a Paparazzi consultant, my friend Kim is amazing. Visit her at Kim’s Bling

Decals- omg. AMAZING idea for teens! They love to sticker bomb everything- their laptop, skateboard, lockers, luggage, you name it. My daughter is addicted and this is a very go-to, inexpensive gift that we take full advantage of. Head to Amazon and search Decal Packs. You’ll be amazed. Send a pack of that greatness every month. #hero #coolmom #bestauntever

Beef Jerky

Chip Dips. Weird? How about the packs that they whip together…..check out Spicy Mary Mix For just $5 a month you can get a different chip dip pack mailed any where in the US. 2 packs for $9!! Contact

Lottery tickets! Imagine getting an envelope in the mail, once a month, with 2 lottery tickets…….the potential!!!!!!

The ideas are limitless…