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More Cincinnati Date Days!

I LOVE living in the ‘Nati! There is so much to do and see. I’ve blogged plenty of times about date day suggestions but let’s get way more specific!

My next several posts will be Cincinnati spots specific. I am, in way, affiliated with any of the places listed. In fact, they have no idea I’m reviewing them for date days, lol
Let me know if you have suggestion and hey, let me know if you give any of these spots a try!

American Legacy Tours
Tours are between $15-$30 a person but as always, CHECK OUT GROUPON!!
Tours are usually between 90 min- 2 1/2 hours.
Tours usually begin in the OTR area and include historic buildings such as churches, saloons, theatres, etc. The websites gives valuable info about tours available.

American Sign Museum
I love this place!! Located in Camp Washington (Make sure to grab some Camp Washington chili while you’re down that way!)
This is a great date spot and it’s a great stroll through history. It’s a small, out of the way, unique museum.

Last idea for this blog—–check back, I’ve got hundreds of ideas.

BB Riverboats
This is one of my favs! And again……yoohooo!!!! CHECK GROUPON!
Take a 90 minute sightseeing cruise on the Ohio River. Enjoy a drink while out on the deck enjoying the view.
You’re on date- slurge and get the pic they take!


Date night on a budget

So Ya’ll KNOW I’m a huge fan of date day. I might have mentioned it once or several times that the hubs and I have not missed a date day since we started in 2013.
It’s a few hours once a month. YOU CAN DO IT.

But look, I get it. When Duke Energy wants your entire pay check, your car needs brakes and your kid plays sports…….spending money on a date day is ‘extra.’ Got it.

Some of my best dates have been the cheapest. Let’s talk about cheap date days. So as examples, we’re going to keep each date under $30. You can take these ideas and adjust your budget as needed.

  1. Picnic water fall. Don’t think waterfalls exist in your area? Not true. Google creeks and streams in your zip code. I’m sure you will be suprised. Pack a small picnic—–cheese, crackers, chocolate. Oh please, don’t forget the wine! –This involves hiking!
  2. There are MANY wine tastings you can do for under $30. Google your local wineries. This is a great way to try new wines.
  3. Flea Markets! Such a fun date day! He gets $10 to spend on her. She gets $10 to spend on him. That leaves $10 for a hot dog lunch with soda:)
  4. Thrift stores- this can be very fun. He gets $15 to spend; she gets $15 to spend…….you’re gonna walk away with some fun bargains!
  5. Cook a meal together. But more than that…..go shopping together for the ingredients.
  6. Long drive during the fall. Just take off. Go watch the leaves change. Stop at a fruit/veggie stand. Have a small glass of wine. Stop in at an Amish store…..oh the baked goods. Just enjoy the afternoon.
  7. Local state/county parks offer paddle boat
  8. Shop local! Walk around and throw your $30 into your local town. Great way to explore
  9. I’ve said it MANY times and I’ll say it again……GROUPON!! A great way to try local business at as much as a 50% discount!! Ideas you just can’t imagine.
  10. Bike rental! So popular. YOu can go downtown and ride bikes around your city. Many parks have bike rentals. Save money and burn calories.

If you have great ideas, let us know so we can share.


Sometimes Date Day SUCKS

Lookie here! I am a HUGE fan of date night!!!
Hubby and I started date night in Sept 2013 and I’m proud to say we have not missed a month to date. Going strong 5 years & 4 months.
Is it always easy?? Nah.
There are times when we have something scheduled but hey, we didn’t schedule the argument we had the night before or the day of.
I can be completely honest because we’re all friends here, right? I have left the house for date day totally not speaking to my husband. True story.
TAKE MY WORDS AND RUN WITH IT!!! Unless you are 100% checking out then you better be prepared to 100% work through it/get over it.

It’s tough, Man. It’s tough. If you planned it, follow through with it. Get up and go. Your marriage depends on it. I promise you…..PINKY SWEAR…….I have gotten in to the truck with my hubby on date day totally hating his guts. #truestory
If you have lost 99% hope in your marriage……remember there is still hope.

*Get back in the car
*I know you don’t want to kiss him but at least let him kiss you on the cheek. It DOES make a difference.
*If you refuse your monthly date day, YOU will regret it. YOU will regret it.
*Listen, those couple of hours out doesn’t mean you have forgiven everything or that you won’t bring it up again or that you’re not still hurt. Your are. It all needs to be addressed. Find peace for the next 2 hours.
*G0! If you’re like me, you keep a record of each date day. I know where we have gone each month since 2013. Do you really want there to be a blank card in the memory pile?? And to relive that fight??
Do something. Make a memory. And don’t make it a bad memory.

Date Day- Cincy Style

Date Day in the ‘Nati is what we specialize in……it’s what we do! The options are endless!

  1. Start your search on Groupon and Half Price Cincy! GREAT resources for great deal to explore!
  2. If your partner is a beer lover—–Google Cincinnati Breweries! There are countless, amazing breweries in the area…..won’t disappoint! And not just beer. Most breweries offer alternatives
  3. Jungle Jims!! Best exploration ever!!!! Browse, walk around, taste, have a drink. They have something for EVERYONE. I suggest visiting both the East Gate and Fairfield locations.
  4. Local parks- especially Sharon Woods. For a small fee, you can rent boats by the hour. Drift around the lake and enjoy the view.
  5. Local wineries- Cincinnati has amazing wineries!! If you love sweet wines I suggest Meiers Winery in Silverton. If you’re looking for a romantic dinner with a beautiful view, I suggest Vinoklet. One of my all time places is Valley Vineyards in Morrow- coolest family ever.
  6. Downtown. Keep in low key. Have a drink at Rock Bottom. Sit by the fountain and chat and end the night by enjoying the view atop Crew Tower.
  7. Get competive! There are so many ‘escape’ rooms around town and there are also scavenger hunt events through downtown. Again, for both I would highly suggest Groupon. offers a great city wide scavenger hunt every spring!!

We’d love to hear your Cincinnati date day ideas!!!

Date Day=Groupon

As I’ve said, Hubby and I have had a monthly date day since 2013. That’s A LOT of date days!
Finding the time is hard; planning a day and not letting business, anger, etc, get in the way…….it’s hard…so hard!
We don’t set “rules” but I’d love to give some guidelines!!!!

  1. You CAN and you WILL find 2 hours a month!!
    There are many times that hubby and I have to sit down with a calendar to plan a date day.     Yea, it sucks when you’re so busy you plan out 2 hours.  Do it.  DO IT.
  2. NO PRESSURE!  Not every date day is an expensive restaurant.  In fact…..just don’t.
  3. Soooo many ideas!!!
  4. Be open! #compromise   If he loves beer, find a new brewery in town and be his DD……….in turn maybe find a new winery you love and he can be the DD.
  5. Set a money limit.  It actually makes the adventure more fun!
  6. Commit! Do NOT skip a month.  You can do this.  And it is important.  Make this a high priority
  7. Keep a journal!  I keep a small box with index cards.  I have a card for every single date day we’ve done; some with notes! I know every date day from the first; this not only helps as a reference but as a memory bank
  8. Again, NO PRESSURE!!  Some date days are better than others….some are over whelming……some under whelming.  Deep breathes.
  9. Be open!!!  Maybe you’ve never tried red wine. Maybe you’ve never seen a Star Wars movie.  Maybe you’ve never heard of an olive oil bar.  Be. open.
  10. Dates are not dinner and a movie…….brunch; drinks and a appetizer



follow our post for ideas!!

I heart date days

I’ve done a lot of blogging about date days. Me and Hubby started monthly date days in September, 2013.  That’s 64 monthly dates we have down in the books.
64 unique date days.
With 14 years of marriage, not every date day is easy.  Not every date day starts out without tension.  Some dates have been much needed, some have been forced.  Most we’ve looked forward to.  All have been fun!

What goes in to planing a date day?  I have some suggestions:

  • Set a budget.  Sometimes you’ll come in under budget; most of the time you won’t.  But give yourselves’ a round about figure of what each date day looks like.  We’re not talking hundreds of dollars each month.
  • Compromise!  You love white wine but he’s a beer guy? There are plenty of local wineries & breweries that serve both.
  • There is no such thing as “we don’t have time.”  Some where, some how, you have 2 hours to force.
  • This isn’t ‘couples night.’  You’re on a date.  One on one.  You’re forced to interact…..with each other.  Don’t invite other friends along.
  • This is a great opportunity to try something new.  Google some out of the way spots that neither of you have been to.
  • Groupon is an excellent source for picking creative ideas for date days……while saving money!!
  • I also suggest using Yelp for local ideas.  Not only can you get great ideas on this site but you’ll get excellent, local reviews as well.
  • Be willing to go outside your comfort zone.  You can sit at home and watch a movie together any time.


Have some great date day ideas??  Share em’ with me!!