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I heart date days

I’ve done a lot of blogging about date days. Me and Hubby started monthly date days in September, 2013.  That’s 64 monthly dates we have down in the books.
64 unique date days.
With 14 years of marriage, not every date day is easy.  Not every date day starts out without tension.  Some dates have been much needed, some have been forced.  Most we’ve looked forward to.  All have been fun!

What goes in to planing a date day?  I have some suggestions:

  • Set a budget.  Sometimes you’ll come in under budget; most of the time you won’t.  But give yourselves’ a round about figure of what each date day looks like.  We’re not talking hundreds of dollars each month.
  • Compromise!  You love white wine but he’s a beer guy? There are plenty of local wineries & breweries that serve both.
  • There is no such thing as “we don’t have time.”  Some where, some how, you have 2 hours to force.
  • This isn’t ‘couples night.’  You’re on a date.  One on one.  You’re forced to interact…..with each other.  Don’t invite other friends along.
  • This is a great opportunity to try something new.  Google some out of the way spots that neither of you have been to.
  • Groupon is an excellent source for picking creative ideas for date days……while saving money!!
  • I also suggest using Yelp for local ideas.  Not only can you get great ideas on this site but you’ll get excellent, local reviews as well.
  • Be willing to go outside your comfort zone.  You can sit at home and watch a movie together any time.


Have some great date day ideas??  Share em’ with me!!