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1st game of our new beginning

And here we are.  Most want to call this the post Lebron season.  I need to educate the “most”  Let me start by saying, “Lebron WHO???”  ‘
Lebron hurt my feelings when he left….AGAIN.    There he goes,  on a jet plane.     #byefelicia

I know I seem bitter.  Parts of me are.  But not much of me.  There was a teeny tiny piece of me that knew he might be a money seeking jerk and bail on his comunity to please his wallet and ego.   #provedmeright.
So many folks have questioned my loyalty to the team. (after he left)   Not sure why, other than cheap smack talk.
I am over the moon excited about the Cavs season!!! I’m not about seeing a show boat, I’m all about seeing a passion for the game and excitement for play time and I feel like that is what I’m going to see.   Play time from those that have been chomping at the bit to just get on the court.  Not to show off…..just to play the game they are passionate about.
These guys didn’t sign up for the NBA to sit on the bench and watch Lebron play.  They signed up for their passion of the sport and I can’t wait to watch what happens.


I can’t believe he did it AGAIN……….

 I spent a long car ride on Sunday talking to my husband about Lebron’s next anticipated move. We went through every imaginable possibility and in the end I pretty much decided that the best possibility and what would make the most sense is for LBJ to stay exactly where he is as a Cavs.  Other than Houston, I couldn’t anticipate where he might go.
Golden State? NO WAY. I don’t see Lebron wanting to jump in bed with the enemy and besides, who the hell wants to call Draymond Green a teammate??
Nothing made sense. But the Lakers?  Really?? Rumors that most of it was simply based on the fact that his wife wanted to move to LA is ridiculous. If my husband made millions of dollars, I’d park my ass in the artic circle if that’s what it took.
I understand that the NBA is business but something in me wants to believe Lebron is more than just about the money. I wanted to believe there was some home town/state loyalty there.  My bad.
That’s twice. Twice.  I’ve always said that my love for Cle and their wine & gold team was not about Lebron and I fully intend to keep my word. (Unlike some other Ohion I won’t mention)
Cavs: take note! We are not the Cleveland Lebron team!  We are the Cleveland Cavaliers! While no one is doubting his talent; i’m doubting his loyalty. Home town heroes are made up of way more than just contracts and money.  We can do this.  We don’t have to crumble because of one man’s decision…..AGAIN.
I think part of the reason why I’m upset is because he just hasn’t spoken up.  Speak up, Lebron.  While you may not feel you owe Ohio an explanation, your silence is taking a big deep dig in to your character.
We can take the “Cavalier” attitude of saying, “Good bye, Lebron, and good luck.”   Then we can throw in a “Bye Felecia!” with our heads held high and our middle fingers held higher.
#saltyashell  #foolmeonce   #speakupLebron   #explainyourself

Save it!

God love ya; all my friends that want to make sure I know who won the game last night. I can’t tell you how many texts and IMs I wake up to with people that care about me so much they NEED me to know, the second I get out of bed…..that they are aware the Cavs lost and they need to make sure I’M aware the Cavs lost. Save your fingers the exercise…..I know who wins every time the Cavs play; whether it’s the Cavs or not.
I truly wish I could answer all your questions…… know,,,,like, “What happened to your boy, Lebron, last night?” “Are you sad your Cavs lost last night?” No need to continue to ask. The answers are: 1. I don’t know what happened to “my boy” last night. and 2. Yes, it sucks when my favorite team, ever, looses. It sucks. And I’m sad.
But you boogers NEVER contact me and say things like, “So happy your favorite team won!” or “Kevin Love was AWESOME last night!!” hmmmm……While I appreciate the “heads up” on the Cavs’ losses. ya’ll are going to make me start sending you some Captain Obvious BS. Just saying.

Who Woulda Thunk??

I spent this season thinking we weren’t making it to the play offs, much less ‘all in’
O.M.G.!!!  Who woulda thought?!?!?!?
That last game……Oh Lebron…………the shot heard ’round the world.   It was amazing and Lebron KNEW it was amazing!

My faith is back in my team!   I’d like to see more Jedi on the court.  I don’t want to hear that he’s a rookie.  I don’t care how long you’ve been playing the game, I care about HOW you play the game.

Thank you Lebron for all you do but he’s not the team.   We have an entire team of talent.  One team mate does not go to the play offs.

I can not wait to see where we go!!

Play offs!

Here we go!  First Cav’s game in the playoffs!!  I have to admit, there was a good portion of this season where I didn’t see the play offs in our future.  This was a funky season for sure.  The shocking trades had me speechless.

But no looking back, we’re here now.
First quarter sucked.  Lebron making no shots.  Well it wasn’t just Lebron, we were totally off first quarter.
Third quarter, down 20…..again!! They actually showed a fan, around 6 years old, close to tears.  All I could think was, “I feel ya, Buddy.”
The Pacers have crept up quietly as a team to beat. They’ve become powerful and a team we should be fearful of.  They’re proving that.
I really had my hopes up most of 3rd quarter and the beginning of 4th.
You just can’t deny the power of Oladipo’s abilities.  Three teams in 4 years; the Pacers would be crazy to pass this gem along.
Best out of 7;  you won this battle, Pacers. But not the war.

Cleveland Cavaliers……………WTF???

  I mean, what else could I have titled this??
What the hell happened today? Does anybody know??  For someone left speechless I have a lot to say.

I get an email from my hubby saying, “they just traded I.T.”   I KNEW he was pulling my leg, no doubt.  That’s ridiculous. Not that I’m a huge I.T. fan (admittedly I liked him more as a Celtic than a Cav) but we didn’t even give him a chance.  He spent the first part of the season on the injured list. And let’s keep in mind that when he finally got back in the game it was after a hip surgery. That can’t be easy to come back from; give the dude some time to warm up.
My first Cavs post was about Thomas and how even on the side lines, he seemed geniunely happy to be a part of this team. I say, ‘shame on the Cavs’ for not giving him this season, at the very least.  You want a player to play amazing for your team?  Maybe not trade him 4 times in 7 years. That’s gotta wear thin on the ego.

Iman…..Ok I get that.  He hasn’t done much this season.  Shump used to be my guy…but that was a season or two ago.  He just hasn’t been showing up this season.  Wanna get back at us, Iman?  Play against us, slam it and show us we got Shumped.
Channing Frye….I guess I get that too. It’s sad because I like Channing and I hate to see him go but the NBA is a business and at the end of the day this trade wasn’t personal, it was all business.  It’s not hoops I’ll be missing from Frye…’s that Denzel look alike face.

Derrick Rose…..can’t even comment on this because he was barely here long enough to realize he’s part of the team.  Talk about someone asking, “WTF??”   Gotta be this guy!

Dwayne Wade…….uhhhhh???  Again, I’ve never typed WTF so many times in my life!! What is this about??  Hubby says it’s because Wade plans to retire so they traded him back so he could retire with his Heat team.  I thought we were supposed to see some dynamic duo moves come from Wade and LBJ.  I must have missed those games.  While still an amazing player, Wade has been around a long time and is just starting to look tired. Physically and mentally.  Did Lebron know this was coming?

  Veteran player or not, it’s still frickin Dwayne frickin WADE! So less than a season, Cavs??  Really? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

And lastly, Jae Crowder.

Oh ma Gawd………..this is crushing!  I love me some Jae Crowder!!  I will never understand this trade! But let’s be real, JC has not been accepted by Cleveland from the gitty up.  And why?? I just don’t get it.  Ya’ll have never gotten off his back.  Because he was pissed about being traded? Because he was happy where we he was? Because he spent a day being snarky about it?
Cool.  Your boss comes in and tells you to pack up your family, your home…….you’re moving from Boston to Cleveland…..tomorrow. Yea, nothing to be upset about.
He didn’t want to go, he was pissed. But he got here, he took some deep breathes and made the best of it. And yet, every damn interview that had to brought up.  Why? How is he supposed to feel welcomed, supported and play to the best of his ability if every interview keeps bringing up that he was shocked by a trade?
I have loved watching Crowder as a Cav. To the point of obsession.  Sitting in my car, waiting to clock in at work…..I have watched Jae Crowder interviews.  Really.
What were you thinking, Cavs?! In my oppinion, you weren’t. Jae Crowder exemplifies what a Cavs player should be. He didn’t want to leave the Celtics…..he made the best of his very short time here and now this.  Sorry Jae! Looks like I’ll be following Utah….and all that Jazz.
For me, this was one of the most upsetting trades of the day.  Mind blowing.
This is a matter of not knowing what you really have.


Where do we go from here?? I don’t know….who knows….today was bat shit crazy.
I feel like tomorrow the NBA should agree to close down, take the day off and re-group.
I keep “joking” that Indiana is closer than Cleveland.


For the LOVE!

  What am I going to do with this Cleveland Cavalier?!? I mean, every time he gets strong something else goes wrong.  Food poisoning from eating fish on an airplane…….knee surgery with rehab and now a broken wrist?!? C’on!!
I want to have confidence in Kevin Love and his ability. I want to see him here for the long haul. He is/can be an amazing player. But like I said, every time he’s up he’s back down again.
And with all these ups and downs I can almost take him or leave him.  He just doesn’t come across as valuable.
Look, I get it. This is a heavy duty sport; these are big guys and injuries are going to happen. But this dude has had a series of unfortunate events, to say the least.
I don’t know, it’s a shame. With all the changes happening in this team and all the unanswered questions about their future, I’d love to see K Love as a Cavaliers staple.  But the one we thing we can all count on in the NBA is that we can’t count on anything.
Feeling frustrated with our record this year and maybe I’m wrong (but I’m not) having Kevin down and out of it isn’t going to make our future brighter.

Sending much love to K Love for a speedy recovery.