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Tails From The Crib- book review

    FINALLY…….a  new book review!!!  Book reviews are one of my favorite things to post.
So again, not unusual for me, I’ve had this book on my Kindle for a couple of years and have never gotten around to it.  It popped up as an option a couple more times on Book Bub  and each time the description was funny so it was time to give it a try.
Most reviews I read called this book “laugh out loud funny.”   Starting out, I didn’t find the humor in multiple miscarriages and a marriage headed to divorce.  But this story is so raw and so real.  You can’t help but connect.  I found myself thinking about what actors would be great playing each character in the book if this were to become a movie……..and it should!
Anjoli……….she just comes to life in this book!!  Lucy…….omg, and the two aunts.
If you want to read something realistic to what family truly is while thanking the heavens above this isn’t YOUR life, I suggest this book!! If you’ve ever breast fed your child, you are going to LOL!!!!!
Spoiler alert; the ending (for me) was ?????  That’s it?????   That’s my only negative here.    It’s hard to put down.



Sunlight On My Shadow

  Wonderful book!   This book will take you back in time; back to when  a teenage pregnancy was a scandal.  Something you didn’t talk about.
Most of our youth, these days, don’t realize that there was a time, not so long ago, that unwed mothers were ‘sent away.’

This is a memoir of an unwed, teenage, pregnant, Catholic girl.  Her story of becoming pregnant, her dynamics with her dad and facing her shame alone.  It’s a story of coming of age.  A story of how nothing ever just goes away.
Very well written and very bravely written!



Flypaper- Book Review

 It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review and I’m happy to be back at it.  I mean really, sometimes I look back at the books I’ve selected on BookBub and wonder what the hell I was thinking.
I’m the type of person that if I can’t make it past page 10 I’m pretty much out.
I’ve had this one on my Kindle for quite a long time. Just one evening, in desperation to find a book worth reading, this caught my eye.

Really good read.  You get a mild Steven King feel.   A connection with Doloris Claiborne.  I love the detailed descriptions.  I get a total picture of the local store, his home and the local police department.  This is a movie in the making.
It’s kinda sick, crazy and true to life all at the same time.

Totally recommending this book.  If this is your thing. My con….the ending so sucked for me.  Not even a cliff hanger.

And the pen name….C.K. Vile…….ugh