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Cleveland Cavaliers……………WTF???

  I mean, what else could I have titled this??
What the hell happened today? Does anybody know??  For someone left speechless I have a lot to say.

I get an email from my hubby saying, “they just traded I.T.”   I KNEW he was pulling my leg, no doubt.  That’s ridiculous. Not that I’m a huge I.T. fan (admittedly I liked him more as a Celtic than a Cav) but we didn’t even give him a chance.  He spent the first part of the season on the injured list. And let’s keep in mind that when he finally got back in the game it was after a hip surgery. That can’t be easy to come back from; give the dude some time to warm up.
My first Cavs post was about Thomas and how even on the side lines, he seemed geniunely happy to be a part of this team. I say, ‘shame on the Cavs’ for not giving him this season, at the very least.  You want a player to play amazing for your team?  Maybe not trade him 4 times in 7 years. That’s gotta wear thin on the ego.

Iman…..Ok I get that.  He hasn’t done much this season.  Shump used to be my guy…but that was a season or two ago.  He just hasn’t been showing up this season.  Wanna get back at us, Iman?  Play against us, slam it and show us we got Shumped.
Channing Frye….I guess I get that too. It’s sad because I like Channing and I hate to see him go but the NBA is a business and at the end of the day this trade wasn’t personal, it was all business.  It’s not hoops I’ll be missing from Frye…’s that Denzel look alike face.

Derrick Rose…..can’t even comment on this because he was barely here long enough to realize he’s part of the team.  Talk about someone asking, “WTF??”   Gotta be this guy!

Dwayne Wade…….uhhhhh???  Again, I’ve never typed WTF so many times in my life!! What is this about??  Hubby says it’s because Wade plans to retire so they traded him back so he could retire with his Heat team.  I thought we were supposed to see some dynamic duo moves come from Wade and LBJ.  I must have missed those games.  While still an amazing player, Wade has been around a long time and is just starting to look tired. Physically and mentally.  Did Lebron know this was coming?

  Veteran player or not, it’s still frickin Dwayne frickin WADE! So less than a season, Cavs??  Really? EXPLAIN YOURSELVES!

And lastly, Jae Crowder.

Oh ma Gawd………..this is crushing!  I love me some Jae Crowder!!  I will never understand this trade! But let’s be real, JC has not been accepted by Cleveland from the gitty up.  And why?? I just don’t get it.  Ya’ll have never gotten off his back.  Because he was pissed about being traded? Because he was happy where we he was? Because he spent a day being snarky about it?
Cool.  Your boss comes in and tells you to pack up your family, your home…….you’re moving from Boston to Cleveland…..tomorrow. Yea, nothing to be upset about.
He didn’t want to go, he was pissed. But he got here, he took some deep breathes and made the best of it. And yet, every damn interview that had to brought up.  Why? How is he supposed to feel welcomed, supported and play to the best of his ability if every interview keeps bringing up that he was shocked by a trade?
I have loved watching Crowder as a Cav. To the point of obsession.  Sitting in my car, waiting to clock in at work…..I have watched Jae Crowder interviews.  Really.
What were you thinking, Cavs?! In my oppinion, you weren’t. Jae Crowder exemplifies what a Cavs player should be. He didn’t want to leave the Celtics…..he made the best of his very short time here and now this.  Sorry Jae! Looks like I’ll be following Utah….and all that Jazz.
For me, this was one of the most upsetting trades of the day.  Mind blowing.
This is a matter of not knowing what you really have.


Where do we go from here?? I don’t know….who knows….today was bat shit crazy.
I feel like tomorrow the NBA should agree to close down, take the day off and re-group.
I keep “joking” that Indiana is closer than Cleveland.


My Favorite things

Again, this is just a personal reference post for my yearly “my favorite things” party. Only here for my own records


  • Bath & Body hand soap –  Party 2017
  • Mom’s Elvis Cookies
  • Cart freezer/ grocery bags
  • Walmart night gowns
  • Crock pot freezer bags
  • Cute wine glasses
  • Loungy pants
  • Flash drive with favorite songs
  • G.C for JJ’s sushi
  • Jordan almonds
  • Dilly beans
  • Kindle (amazon gc)
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Star Wars movie
  • Farkle – dice with the rules
  • Wine
  • Private Selection Peach and Mango salsa
  • Virtual Marathon Running Medals

Wish List

My family is very generous to me! I keep this page up, mostly for my hubby, because Ladies, take note!  He’d rather KNOW what I want then have to guess! Men aren’t mind readers and they’re really bad at guessing.  So Ladies, make at least one part of his life easier by giving him a list.

  • Jewelry candle
  • L-xl running pants
  • Star Wars T-shirts
  • Leggings
  • Willow Trees
  • Camp Ground gift cards
  • Cute wine glasses
  • Any gift cards- Walmart, Amazon, Bath & Body, Foodie spots, movie tix, etc
  • Essential oils
  • Cavs tix
  • Any NBA tix
  • Bath & Body hand soaps
  • Wine

Flypaper- Book Review

 It’s been a while since I’ve done a book review and I’m happy to be back at it.  I mean really, sometimes I look back at the books I’ve selected on BookBub and wonder what the hell I was thinking.
I’m the type of person that if I can’t make it past page 10 I’m pretty much out.
I’ve had this one on my Kindle for quite a long time. Just one evening, in desperation to find a book worth reading, this caught my eye.

Really good read.  You get a mild Steven King feel.   A connection with Doloris Claiborne.  I love the detailed descriptions.  I get a total picture of the local store, his home and the local police department.  This is a movie in the making.
It’s kinda sick, crazy and true to life all at the same time.

Totally recommending this book.  If this is your thing. My con….the ending so sucked for me.  Not even a cliff hanger.

And the pen name….C.K. Vile…….ugh


What the heck are Squdoodles? ?
It’s what I call my finished product when I let my Vegetti get busy on a squash. 
If you’re trying to eat healthy  and you love veggies, I highly suggest investing in a spiralizer. These come in all shapes and sizes and with that I’m sure all price ranges.
I own the  Veggetti and I love it. (The link is to their actual website but you can buy this product at Walmart super cheap!) The Veggetti is small so it’s very easy to store.  It’s sharp, it’s inexpensive and it does the job.  


So if you’ve ever followed any dieting program (or common sense) you know the importance & benefits of veggies. But if you’re anything like me, I HAVE to have my pasta!  Pasta= pounds.    Spiralizing your veggies (squash and zucchini are awesome) takes the place of pasta.   Doubtful?  Ya gotta try it!
Here’s a recipe I love to make the night before and take for lunch.  Soooo much flavor and it’s healthy:)

Fresh mushrooms chopped (as many or as few as you want)
1-2 yellow squash spiralized
About 1 tsp of minced garlic
Small pinch of red pepper flakes
Grated parm cheese.
Shrimp/ baked chicken

Drizzle Olive Oil in your skillet over med. heat. Once heated, add your “noodles”
Add salt, pepper and red pepper flakes and garlic.
Add mushrooms and your protein. (if adding chicken breast, pre-bake)

Saute till your house smells awesome and your mushrooms are browning.
Sprinkle more parm cheese.



For the LOVE!

  What am I going to do with this Cleveland Cavalier?!? I mean, every time he gets strong something else goes wrong.  Food poisoning from eating fish on an airplane…….knee surgery with rehab and now a broken wrist?!? C’on!!
I want to have confidence in Kevin Love and his ability. I want to see him here for the long haul. He is/can be an amazing player. But like I said, every time he’s up he’s back down again.
And with all these ups and downs I can almost take him or leave him.  He just doesn’t come across as valuable.
Look, I get it. This is a heavy duty sport; these are big guys and injuries are going to happen. But this dude has had a series of unfortunate events, to say the least.
I don’t know, it’s a shame. With all the changes happening in this team and all the unanswered questions about their future, I’d love to see K Love as a Cavaliers staple.  But the one we thing we can all count on in the NBA is that we can’t count on anything.
Feeling frustrated with our record this year and maybe I’m wrong (but I’m not) having Kevin down and out of it isn’t going to make our future brighter.

Sending much love to K Love for a speedy recovery.

Root Beer BBQ

Yay! My first recipe in 2018!  I’m so excited!

This is for Root Beer BBQ

Ok so recently Kroger had a CRAZY good sale on pork loins.  (Limit 5) I snatched up all five of those bad boys.  There’s so much more you can do with this hunk of meat than just throw it in a crock pot.
As a family of three I try to get as many meals as I can out of these.  pork loin     I pulled the smallest one out of my freezer and thawed it out.  Which by the way, I paid less than $3.00 for!
I cut 6 small pork chops out of it.  (Dinner #1)    Then I threw the rest in the crock pot with potatoes, carrots & apples  (Dinner #2) With the left over meat from dinner #2, I got this recipe:)

Shred your left over pork loin.
Add 1 can of root beer
1/2 bottle of your favorite bbq sauce.


 When warm, serve with cole slaw


Adam and I love visiting new wineries.  We have our favs that we love re-visiting as well.  This is the list of every winery we’ve been to at least once.


1.Valley Vineyards.    Tell Joe we said Hello!
2.  Elk Creek– ky    Check out their summer concert schedule.
3.Vinoklet– hidden right in Cincinnati.  Beautiful view!
4.Henke Wines-  Joe is AWESOME!!!!    His wines are award winning and the pizza is da’ bomb!
5.Talon Wines– Very unique
6. Lovers Leap– Ky.  Www.loversleapwine.  Intresting story on how they got their name.
7. Stonebrook– LOTS of fruit wines!  Love it
8. Chrisman Mill.   A mall winery??
9. Jean Farris-  too fancy for me!!
10. Meier Winery-  Largest in Ohio
11. Meranda Nixon
12. Harmony Hill-  VERY COOL!!!!!  Bill is great!!!
13. Lakeside Wine      Felicity, Ohio—-Now Closed
14. Equus Run Vineyards
15. Wild Side Vines
16. Brandeberry Wines
17. Hanover Wines- They are awesome!!
18.  Ertel Cellars
19. Hidden Lakes this place!!!  A favorite of mine!
20. Swiss Heritage Winery
21. Breitenbach
22. Silver Moon Winery
23. Spring Hill Winery
24. Harpersfield– beautiful!
25. Virant
26. Debonne’
27. Ferrante
28. Old Mill Winery
29. Old Firehouse– You MUST come here for the sunset view
30. Lakehouse winery bed n’ breakfast-we stayed here– beautiful!!!
31. Marrko-  um, interesting.
32. Tarsitano
33. Laurello
34. South River Winery
35. Woodstone Creek (NOT a fan)
36. Lantheir Winery– IN– Very historic building
37. Thomas Family Winery– we didn’t go to their winery but they came to a wine outing for our wine group.
38. Wight-Meyer
39. Smith-Berry
40. Little River Winery– no where near my fav but hey, it’s #40!
41. Slate Run
42. Klingshirn– great prices
43. John Christ– great place! Lots of great ideas! GREAT wines!
44. Huber Winery– great place to spend an entire day! Lots of activities for kids too!
45. The Grateful Goat– Awesome concept; great labels.  Watch out for the big goat, he’s a meanie!  – NOW CLOSED
46. StoneVilla Winery- Pennsylvania
47. Georgetown Winery- Cambridge, Ohio
48. Terra Cotta Vineywards- New Concord, Ohio
49. Baker-Bird Winery  Augusta, Ky     Take the tour!!
50. Bardwell Winery- Mt. Orab, Ohio   Visited on our 10th anniversary
51. Old Mason Winery  – West Milton, Ohio
52. Firelands Winery
53. Mon Ami Winery
54. Rocky Point Winery- Oak Harbor, Ohio
55. Mio Vino Micro Winery- Deer Park, Ohio
56. Eagle Nest Winery- Tennessee; great people. Great wine
57. SugarLand Winery- Gatlinburg, Tn.
58. Tennessee Homemade Wines- Hubby loves their labels
59.  Bootleggers Wine- Gatlinburg, Tn.
60. Mountain Valley Winery-  #60!!
61. M Cellars
62. Deer’s Leap Winery
63. O’Bannon Creek Vineyards
64. Skeleton Root Winery
64.  Acres Of Land- NOW CLOSED
65.  Laurentia- very nice.  A little too expensive for my taste.  Beautiful winery
66.  St. Joseph
67. Kosicek
68.  Hundley Cellars
69.  Benny Vino Urban Winery……..URBAN???
70.  The big #70!   Alice N Johns Winery in California, Ky.


Click It

A list of my favorite sites
Have a site you’re addicted to?  Let me know- Email

  • Book Bub-  If you are an e-reader fan, I totally suggest Book Bub.   Go in, click what type of books you like to read and receive one email a day with a list of book suggestions from Amazon.  Prices range from free to $2.99
  • Actually I use the app more than the actual site but had to add this to the list.  The stuff on this site is hit or miss.  I would not recommend buying clothing of any kind from this site as it always seems to run too small.   But if you’re a fan of cheap crap from China, this is your site.
  • Yelp– Love this site!  I love writing reviews and reading them. This is my go to spot not only to get a feel for what folks are saying about a spot I want to try but also to have my voice heard when it comes to customer service.   Follow me on Yelp @Jenni H. in Cincinnati
  •  This organization is near and dear to my heart! Joan’s Journey raises money local and then donates it LOCALLY to those facing a financial crises due to an unexpected medical diagnosis.