Spicy Mary Mix!

64399_141865542658402_587656951_nSpicymarymix.com  is a business my husband and I started a couple of years>

How we began-  I had always wanted to try a Bloody Mary but if you’ve ever ordered a drink out, you know it can get expensive.  So on an all inclusive trip to Mexico, I seized the oppurtunity to try a Bloody Mary.   And I was hooked!  Of course, everything in Mexico is spicy………so I found myself disappointed when I got to the states and could rarely find a good Blood Mary.  I found most mixes to be sweet.  While I am not a dare devil when it comes to hot stuff, I do like a kick to my Bloody Mary.
My husband would make me a Bloody Mary and then doctor it up with his own concoction.  He soon found that just Vodka, Vegetable juice and his creation was the best Bloody Mary.  When friends tasted his creation, they fell in love instantly.   We soon had people asking to buy the spice mix, which we aptly named “Spicy Mary.”   Friends that purchased our Spicy Mary mix started reporting back that not only did they use the mix for a Bloody Mary drink, but they now sprinkle on their fish and chicken and use it as a spicy grill rub.   That’s when we knew we had something special!

Since then our line has grown to a bagel spread, several chip dips, a dipping oil and as always, we have our Spicy Mary.
Adam and I create our own recipes, from scratch through trial and error.  (Trying chip dips is not a bad gig!)
We do our own labeling, packaging, recipes, etc.   You can find our products for sale at local craft/vendor shows and of course on line at www.facebook.com/spicymarymix   LIKE US!!

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