Favorite Web Sites


This is a list of my go-to websites!

  • www.facebook.com/spicymarymix– Dips, oils, bagel spreads, grill rubs and the best Bloody Mary mix EVER!
  • Pintrest– Best site for recipes, ideas….anything you’re looking for is on Pintrest
  • Groupon– Sign up for local deals- resteraunts, museums, local events and more.  Most of the time the deals are 1/2 price!
  • BookBub– If you are an avid ereader/Kindle user, this site is just fun! Sign up, click on the types of books  you like to read and once a day you’ll receive an email with a list of books ranging from FREE to $2.99.
  • Yelp– Want to have your voice heard?  Be a restaraunt critic.  It’s fun and very useful.   When trying out a new place, my first stop is Yelp to see what other people are saying.   You can write reviews for any establishment; it’s not just food spots.  Fan me- Jenn H.
  • Ipsy– Ipsy is a subscription based site.  For just $10 a month, you’ll receive a new make up bag, each and every month- filled with several upscale make up products to try.  Each bag is valued between $45-$55.   It’s a great deal, a nice way to try new products and it’s fun to get makeup in the mail every month!
  • Tafford–   This is my go-to spot when purchasing my scrub tops for work!!  The prices in the clearance section are amazing, the quality is great, they are true to size-  best place for scrubs!!
  • Cincinnati.com   This site is a great resource for all things Cincy!   Latest news, weather, the obits and my favorite…..the calender.   If you follow my Date Day blog, then Cincinnati.com is a great resource for ideas.  If there is an event in Cincy, big or small, just plug in the dates and you’ll find LOTS!!
  • Wish–  I use the app and not the website but either way. Such a fun place to find things at dirt cheap prices. You name it, you can find it here. I love sitting in front of the tv, phone in hand and just scrolling through the oddities. I will say, sometimes you do, in fact, get what you pay for. I’ve gotten some real gems from Wish but I’ve also gotten junk once or twice.  The gems I’ve gotten certainly out weigh the junk and keep me coming back.  *BEWARE- I know someone that ordered EllaIvory shirts from this site in several sizes ranging from large -4x. She wears a size large and the 4x was too tight on her.  I stear clear of their clothing!!

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