Joan’s Journey

Joan’s Journey- the story

In October 2015 my mom found a lump on the top, back of her leg.  She told me about it, over the phone. But doing the type of work she does- working around heavy machinery and climbing under those machines, I thought she had probably backed into something.  From what she described over the phone, being a nurse, my first (and at the time) only thought was a hematoma.
On October 31st, 2015 I was able to see this “lump.”  I instantly knew this was obviously not a hematoma, but a fluid filled sac.  In my mind, I imagined what a chronic problem this would be.
Lets fast forward through all the tests and Dr. referrals, etc.  Let’s get to when she saw Dr. Sorger, the surgeon who would ultimately be “her doctor.”   I will NEVER forget sitting in that room and hearing the doctor say, “I’m not sure what it is. I know it’s not a fluid filled sac.”      Was he some where in my mind?  How did he use those exact words?
And so our journey began…….    My mom ……….my rock.   Cashiers at every store would here me say “mom” and would always comment, “MOM?  I thought you were sisters.”
I found myself taking care of the woman who wasn’t done taking care of me.  I was still in the middle of asking her to help me with my daughters and in the blink of an eye found myself assisting this very young, capable MOM to walk, even short distances; to bathe, etc.   It truly was, a journey.
We started Joan’s Journey City Wide Scavenger Hunt as a way to help my  mom financially with the outstanding medical bills that come with cancer.
My mom- she is now cancer free.  Actually, she looked cancer in the eye and punched it in the throat.
But the bills and the ongoing follow up tests are still there.  So we continue with Joan’s Journey.
We will hold a yearly Joan’s Journey City Wide Scavenger Hunt and 100% of everything raised will ALWAYS stay here locally and personally.  We are committed, each year, to give 100% of everything raised to a local family member, neighbor, or friend in need of financial help due to a medical diagnosis.

Join our fight by getting together a scavenger hunt team!  Continue to follow this page-you will find dates, details and fun info!