Wish List

gift   As I’ve said on a few of my other pages, this may be a very weird page to read.  It’s on here 100% for my family.  I have a VERY kind, very generous family and we love to give each other gifts.   It’s fun to have a list of things someone would enjoy having as opposed to having to ask them for things they may want.   So unless you want to buy me something, you can ignore this page:

  • camping gift cards
  • Cavs purse
  • Star Wars T-shirts (Walmart)
  • NBA tickets
  • PJ Shorts
  • Thin socks
  • Panini press
  • Jewlery candle
  • Black leggings
  • Food dehydrator.
  • Team Fiona Listerman’s t-shirt
  • vaccuum sealer
  • Don’t Talk S*#T about Norwood Listerman’s t-shirt
  • running pants and shirts.
  • small safe
  • Gabrielle Brother’s GC