My Costume

Well now I have to put my big mouth thoughts out there. First of all, I wouldn’t watch The View if I was being paid to watch it. I’ve seen it a couple of times, years ago and it just imitates a farm full of chicken heads pecking….. If I was offered the money to watch those busy bodies cluck, I’d give back the money and use that hour as nap time. So why anyone would take anything Joy Behar says to heart is beyond me.
But that “costume” she refers to…..I wear it daily. My “costume” has been spit on, bled on, peed on, pooped on, stomach content spilled on. I’ve worn that “costume” while I’ve changed bandages of fresh amputations, while I’ve changed the bandages of a gang member, just shot in a drug deal gone wrong. I’ve bathed cancer ridden victims, great grandmas at the end of their life. I’ve performed CPR on patients just there for rehab after surgery. I’ve sat with patients and their families through the night and held hands with patients and they’ve moved on. Some of my greatest moments as a nurse are happening to me now. I get to calm a child as they don’t understand why a body part just fell out of their mouth for the first time. I get to hold a child who just broke a bone on the monkey bars; waiting for mom to come to the rescue. I have the honor of giving a child dignity that has to walk into my clinic, that has clearly wet themselves but can’t tell me that while 4 other children sit in my clinic.
My scrubs may be a costume to some. But I’d like to think to others, they are a sign of safety when they see me.

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