Bay Bridge Pinot Grigio- wine review


Him:  Light in color.  Decent fruit and mineral notes. Good balance but lacking the crispness of other Pinot Grigios.  Over all, a decent wine at a great value.

Me:   I’m ashamed of myself for not reviewing this before now.  In fact, as I’ve looked back on my reviews I was surprised to see how little I’ve done in the wine reviewing.   And even more surprised to see that I haven’t spent more time reviewing very drinkable, daily wines.    I have to say, the Bay Bridge label at Kroger is my ‘go to’ pick up.   It’s an amazing, lazy, drinking wine.  And the price says NOTHING about the wine.
For those that know  absolutely NOTHING about wine, they wouldn’t touch this based on the price.  For those that DO know something about wine, you’ll give this a try……and then a re- buy.
This is a great, basic, daily pinot grigio.
This is a great wine.  And not this is a great wine for the price.   This is a great wine.  I’m a huge fan;  will be reviewing the Chardonnay soon!


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