artworks-000077811179-phz3zf-original   I wish I could post freebies on a regular basis but this is one of those hit or miss situations.  It seems companies have a ‘cycle’ of when they are offering free samples.
When I find them, I will post them.  In the mean time:
1.  Samples go FAST, so click on the link and fill it out quickly.   They’re gone in the blink of an eye
2. If I post a link to a sample that you won’t use, go for it anyway.  Give it away to a friend or family member. Every body likes freebies!  3.  You may not get all the samples you sign up for.  Hey, some free stuff is better than no free stuff!
4. Unless you have no problem with junk mail, set up a generic email account.  EVERY free sample link requires an email address.
5. Don’t be afraid to ask….email your favorite company!  Let them know that you’re a huge fan but their product is hard to purchase without a coupon- not only will they send coupons but they’ll sometimes send coupons for FREE products! You can even say something like,  “I’d love to try your product.  Do you offer coupons?”


FREE Poise products

FREE Centrum Vitamints



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