Why Do Men Have Nipples- Book Review

book1   Hysterical!!  To the right person.  I have a very dry sense of humor so this book appealed to me.  LOTS of great information……with LOTS of side notes, conversations and distractions.     This book can be a bit distracting and hard to follow, with all the ‘instant messaging’ going on.
But being a nurse, I found the answers to the questions not only informative but just out right laugh out loud funny!!
I knew I was in for a wild ride while camping, I was catching up on my reading and I looked up from my Kindle to say, “hey Honey, google Merkin. And after googling my husband responded, “What the hell are you reading??”
If you’re interested in knowing if microwaves really do cause cancer, if hair continues to grow after you die and more importantly, who do men have nipples, this book is a MUST read!


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