School lunch idea!

images (1)   Like most moms, one worry of mine is SCHOOL LUNCHES!  Am I packing enough?   Am I packing too much only to have her throw away perfectly good, paid for, food?  What are the other kids packing?
I’ve blogged on this such a few times lately…….I mean, it is back to school time.
I love finding creative, fun, nutritious lunches that my daughter enjoys.  So when I find an idea, I like to share with other moms.
So I purchase a large bread from the deli for .99 cents.   Cut off a section, slice open, fill with lean deli turkey, swiss or provolone cheese and a very small amount of mayo.  Veggies would make it extra good!  Bake just long enough to melt the cheese and crisp the bread.  Wrap in aluminum foil and send them off!   It’s a like a generic subway- my kiddo loves it!


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