Stonelick State Park

stonelick    We have been camping at Stonelick for many years and I’ve had nothing but good things to say about it.  It’s close to home, it’s clean and the volunteers ( take great pride in this park.   It’s clear they are very proud of the campground.
The page is updated frequently and I highly suggest following them on Facebook as well.
I appreciate  Friends of Stonelick updating their site so freqently; that way I can go online, see what upcoming activities they have and try to plan around them.  They offer several family oriented activities throughout the camping season including corn hole tournaments, raffles, bands, a pig roast, holloween campouts, etc.
Stonelick will continue to be one of my favorite parks; it’s close to home; close to my heart.
Boooo…… comes the BUT!
I really, really, really wish they offered, even just a few, full hook ups.  Yes, I know that is very expensive and God bless the amount of volunteers that love this park……if it weren’t for them……….
But I do get a bit spoiled by my full hook ups.
The only other thing I want to touch on with this park is the bathroom.   Campground bathrooms, for me, are a HUGE target point.  And it saddens me to say that I feel the attention to the shower house bathrooms here has dropped a bit…..maybe even more than a bit.   On our last visit (which was a very busy weekend at the campground)  the woman’s toilets were clean…for the most part.   The stories my hubby had to tell were a bit nighmareish……….
I have a different tale to tell when it comes to the woman’s SHOWERS….sad to report they were closer to what my hubby had to say about the men’s room…..not good.       The seats in the shower house were moldy…the curtains coming down.  The consistency of the spray was a horrible….There was either spray with NO pressure or one small amount of spray with SO much pressure it knocked a bar of soap out of hand.
I don’t know…like I said, this park, I HOPE, will always feel like a favorite to me.  It is what it is.


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