The Good Sister……….book review

goodsisterWhen I first saw the title of this book on Book Bub  I instantly thought, “I’ve already read that one.”  Turns out there are quite a few books with this title.
This is a GREAT book!   LOTS of twists and turns.   The characters are painted so clearly that you can invision them perfectly.
I find it tragic how Lindsey becomes the perfect piece of play-dough for every man in her life.
The only thing I found a bit strange was the very small mention of the ‘dad’ having the other sister- kidnapped and raped.  That was an extreme act but with very little mention of it.  I think his abusive role could have been played out even stronger with out the mention of a kidnapping and rape.  (I could totally see Anthony Hopkins playing the part of the dad!)
This book took such a positive, get-your-control-back stance on domestic violence.    I was so curious to find out how Elliot would be handled in the end and that’s the part that blows you away!!!

Great book!

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