Healthy snacks!!

Fruit   I know we all want to eat healthy….we all say we’re gonna…..we all give it a shot.  But damn it, it’s HARD!!!
My youngest daughter, through 5-6th grade was a vegetarian.  She held her ground and I can image, living in a meat eating house, this may not have been easy.
Now she does eat meat but  she’s health conscious.   She’s a teenager so she does her fair share of damage but she’s making  an effort and I support it 100%
Here’s a list of healthy snacks, school lunches and after school/before snacks.  They are not in any order…….just brainstorm through the ideas and work with it.

  1. Hummus and pretzels…….let them try it!
  2. Deli Turkey wrapped in Colby cheese
  3. Mixed nuts- can get at the Dollar Tree
  4. Banana Chips
  5. 1/2 peanut butter sammy
  6. Tortilla wrap-  tortilla shell wrapped with deli turkey and white cheese.   Very healthy
  7. Fruit bowl with a cup of dipping yogurt
  8. Apple slices with a lil’ cup of peanut butter
  9. Ham slices with crackers
  10. Guacamole and chips
  11. Roasted ranch chip peas
  12. Hard boiled egg
  13. homemade granola bars- simple to make; lots of recipes on Pintrest


I welcome ideas!! Please comment and share!

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