Rev Wraps- Product Review


Really?  Do these sell?  It’s a very small tortilla with ONE piece of deli meat and one small piece of cheese.   Not nearly worth the $1.79 this product costs.

My jr. high daughter makes a pretty good attempt at eating healthy.  Besides the cross country team, she runs 5k events. So eating healthy and eating enough protein is a challenge for her at times.
I try to make sure she eats something for breakfast……that 6:30am bus is crazy early.   Lunch is 11am and like I said, she likes eating healthy.  We do a lot of hummus, a lot of turkey, wraps, etc.    School ends at 2pm but then it’s straight into warming up and running Cross Country.   The kids need a snack in between!
After school snacks for Zoe include things like
Hummus and pretzels
Mixed nuts
banana chips
1/2 PB sandwhich
oh! and wraps!  Wraps that I make for WAY less than $1.79 a piece and they’re much more nutritional!

The Rev packs are over priced, they sit in the refrigerated section and do not include the more nutritional deli selection that can be used to make a better wrap for less cost.

For the cost, yes even at just $1.79….YOU can provide more than convience to your child.

not a fan:(

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