East Fork State Park- Campground Reviews

   So we’ve stayed at East Fork several times.  Mainly because it’s very close to home so if we just have time for a couple of nights of camping, this is convienent.  However, I’ve never found this park to be a favorite of mine.   I don’t know….I think because of the layout.  It’s very spread out….the loops are not close together and it feels very disjointed.   For myself, I like being close to the action and the activities.    There really is no where in this campground you can go that you don’t have to drive.
Like all of Ohio State parks now adays, due to money, there really aren’t many planned scheduled kids activities.   Typically, unless it’s a special planned weekend, you’ll just get the free Saturday night movie.
I don’t normally find the bathrooms in this campground to be very clean.    However, the sites are well maintained.
If I didn’t live so close, this is probably not a park I would continue to camp in but as I said, we stay here out of convienence mostly.   Maybe once every couple of years.


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