Terra Cotta Vineyards- Traminette

wine bottle

It’s been  a while since our last wine review; I know we’re over due.     Below you’ll find our latest he says/she says.

Adam:   A nicely made Ohio wine.   The nose has aromas of apple and pear.  It’s a semi-sweet wine with good fruit and medium to low acidity.   Has a pretty short finish.  It would be a great wine served chilled on a hot summer day.

Jenn:  Picked this up on an Ohio wine excursion.   Vineyard is located in eastern Ohio; not sure if you can buy this wine retail any where or if it’s just offered at the winery.   I was surprised to read on the label this is considered ‘right in between’ a dry and sweet wine….personally I think it leans closer to the sweet side.   As Adam stated in his review, it would be nice outdoors on a hot summer day; very chilled.  I can see myself enjoying this fun wine in the hot tub.
The description of this wine on the winery’s site mentions a bit of spice…..yea, I can taste that.
This retails for $10 a bottle at the winery.



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