Why does this even NEED to be said???

5276121-not-allowed-sign-on-white-background-vector Not sure why anyone would have to say this out loud but sadly, the dumb people missed the memo.   DO NOT LEAVE YOUR DOGS IN A CAR, IN THE SUMMER, WITH THE WINDOWS ROLLED UP.
1. Taking your dog every where you go, does not make you an amazing pet owner.   It makes you irresponsible.   Dogs do not belong every where you go.
2.  There is no such thing as a quick run in to Kroger.   Especially not to the dog that has been closed up in a hot car.
3.  If it’s 70 degrees outside, it can be up to 105 degrees in a closed up car.    Do YOU want to sit in a 105 degree car??  Neither does your dog.
4.  If you get too hot, you can move locations, open a window, turn on a/c.  Your dog can’t.
5. If you’re doubting anything I’ve written, I then challenge you to put on a fur coat and sit in a car with all windows rolled up, no a/c in July in Ohio.  I DARE YOU.
6. If you have to leave your house for several hours and you’re worried about leaving your dog alone due to bathroom issues, etc.    Ask yourself…… would you rather come home and clean up dog poop or take your dog along and then bury him/her?
7.  Just know that if you think this is no big deal, your dog thinks it’s a big deal.
8.  If you feel as though, “it’s just a dog,”   Get rid of it…it’s better off without you.


IF you took a dog into your home….take a dog IN TO your home.  To you, a dog is just a part of your world.  To a dog, you are their whole world.

At this point, I will be researching the laws re: dogs.    I’ve been in to fund raising for a very long time.  Letters to my officials cost me nothing….. And the best time time to send them is now…….campaign season!
More to come!

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