Summer Date Days!

ferris_wheel_by_squishy_1    It’s summer time and that brings lots of possibilities in the ‘date day’ category!

  • look in to local church or school festivals….you can usually find these in your local newspaper.  Sounds cheesy?  Don’t make it that way…..walk around, enjoy the background.   Be silly and play a game. Try a new food.  You’re supporting your community and having local fun!
  • Google local wineries- lots of local wineries have fests! Many wineries have out door events, muscians, etc. Use  the oppurtunity to try new wines, new foods and socialize.
  • Farmers Market- sounds like a strange couple’s date day.  But it gets you outdoors, walking around….try new fruits and veggies.  Support local farmers and businesses.  Then use your new purchases to go home and cook together.
  • Fishing!  It’s a fairly cheap activity; there are lakes and ponds every where.   And it’s a great time to sit and talk. *follow local laws re: fishing licenses in your area*

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