Pop Crush White Blend- wine review

popcrush-white-bottle Our wine review this evening- a very different wine!


Adam– A well balanced white wine.  Aroma is a floral and mineral.  The taste is surprising fruity which is surprising given the nose.  I expected a different flavor after smelling it.  It’s ok.  It’s not a bad wine, it’s just not my preffered bottle that I would go to.


Jenn- What he said.  Well, except the mineral.  I don’t get that.  I purchased this at Kroger, as I do many of the wines we review.  I can’t remember the cost but as I’ve stated before, I try to review all wines under $10 so I’m sure I kept within that range.
I had never seen this wine before and was not sure what to expect.   After noticing that it says “white blend” on the label, I was not expecting it to be near as sweet as it is.  And as Adam stated, you certainly don’t expect that taste from the aroma.   It’s not a bad wine.  It’s not a good wine, in particular….in the way that nothing really stands out.  The label is adorable:)



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