I’m not asking you to take away the pain

There is nothing in my power that I can do…..I am helpless.  I am helpless. While I believe and do not question ‘why bad things happen to good  people, ..I am helpless. Yet I depend on you.
For those who do not believe, I pray for the knowledge that they find peace; where ever that may be:

  • God, I request that you  relieve Vince Kramer and his wife, of even just a few short minutes of their agony. Please understand that I  will take even 5 minutes of their pain to allow them 5 minutes pain free.
  • I request that you grant Nate Kramer a time of clear thoughts, a clear heart and moments of clarity that he has the strength to see this through. Perhaps to even help see his parents through this devestation
  • I ask that your wrap your arms around the husbands and wives suffering through marital issues; that you give them patience, kindness and the ability to be honest and vunerable.
  • As always I ask you to wrap yourself around Chris and Christine during this incredible loss. None of us will ever understand your reasoning for allowing this amazing, beautiful child to leave her friends and family in such turmoil.  Please help the children to understand and guide Courtney’s parents. Please help me to be a friend to Christine and to love her.

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