Meier’s Haut Sauternes- wine review

Tonight we’re reviewing an Ohio wine.  This is NV sweet blend.


Adam:  Definitely consistent  with the style of other Meier’s wines.   Very fruit forward and sweet but not overly sweet.  Seems to be a blend with niagra being the primary grape.   Would be very good served cold on a hot summer day.


Jenn:  It’s been a while since I’ve had a Meier wine so I’ve been looking forward to reviewing this one.   A little background: Meier wine cellars is the largest winery in Ohio and located right here in Cincinnati.
When I first started enjoying wines, Meier was a ‘go to’ for me.  Mainly because they have perfected sweet wines.   This Haut Sauternes lives up to that.  I could smell the sweetness as I poured.   While I have moved past sweet wines, I agree with Adam that it would be nice for a hot summer night.   It would be a nice wine around a camp fire with friends.

This is $5.99 retail and I believe the price is equivelant with the quality, in this case.

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