Sabra Hummus- Product Review

hummusI’ve been very behind on my product reviews- in fact, I think this is the first one I’ve done this month.
So I’ve never been much of a hummus lover.   I had a co-worker offer me home-made hummus and I just wasn’t a fan.  However, about a year ago, a neighbor offered hummus to my teenage daughter and she was automatically addicted.  She requested hummus all the time.
Since this is the main brand my grocery store carrys, this is the brand I buy.  For convience sake, I was purchasing the 4 pack individual size packs for my daughter’s lunch.   They do cost more to purchase that way but as I said, “for convience sake”
But as you know, I’m a cost cutter so convience gave way to “I have small containers at home.”
Seeing her love for this healthy snack, I had to give it another try.  I don’t know what I was thinking before.  Perhaps this is a rare case where I like a store bought product more than home made.   I am now addicted to Sabra hummus.  I love the plain; not much into the roasted red pepper.
It’s perfect to eat with the flat pretzel bites.
And as I mentioned, it’s very healthy.  This is a great product if you follow a high fiber diet.   My Kroger always has it in stock! So if you’ve tried hummus in the past and wasn’t a fan, give it another shot.  It’s inexpensive, lots of flavor and a very healthy snack!


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