My baby is 21!!!

molly This is defenetly a “CHEERS TO THAT!” moment!   My Molly turned 21 this weekend!  Just can’t believe it.  Now I know what they mean by “where does the time go??”
Molly, like any child, caused her father and I LOTS of frustration but hind sight is 20/20, so they say; and Molly has turned out to be a beautiful, intelligent daughter.
Yes, she still causes us frustration but she’s clearly becoming an adult right before our very eyes.    It litterally makes me feel like time is sand, slipping away.
Before I know it, I’ll be a grandma and I’ll be telling my grand kids about the crud their mother pulled growing up!
She’s hard headed, she has a foul mouth……
But we’re celebrating 21 years of Molly and we love her SO much!!!!

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