Whisper– Book Review

whisperFinished this one today.   Got it FREE from Bookbub.com (one of my favorite sites EVER!) This falls in to the HORROR category.
Since my discovery of Bookbub and my Kindle, I really no longer have a “type” of book that I read.   Here is a section of the Amazon Kindle synopsis:
There is evil in Hope House, and the cursed forest that surrounds it. Evil that has awakened after lying dormant for decades, and has terrifying plans for the young couple.


Discovering that maybe I shouldn’t review every book I read.   Perhaps I should find a ‘type’ of book that appeals most to me.  While, I found this book a good read; and 1/2 way through became very interested. I just find ‘talking/whispering’ trees far fetched.  It was a good book. If the HORROR category is for you, then I suggest this book.
What I loved about this book is the vivid descriptions.  I had a vivid picture of the house and all of the characters in the book.  The descriptions were so vivid that I could actually picture what actor would play the parts if this book were made in to a movie.
I also loved the description of the past; of when the house was being built. It totally painted a picture in my mind.
Well…..like always, I start to think one way about a book but then as I write my review I sort of have a turn around.

So I’ve stopped giving ‘grades’ on books because as I said, I have no category that I fit in to.   But if the horror section is for you, give this one a try!!! Personally, I have found that the horror section is going to be hit or miss so I won’t be pursuing the other books in this trilogy.


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