Bree is three!!

breebirthdayI never thought I could love a dog like I loved Ginger.  She was like a best friend to me for 10 years.  Some how, just a few weeks after Ginger’s passing, I found myself at the SPCA.   We played with a couple dogs and as we were ready to leave, my daughter, Molly begged me to get this dog out of the cage.   No way, no how.   But for whatever reason, she insisted.    Less than 2 hours later we walked out with this girl.
I thought, “what the heck am I doing??”  She certainly doesn’t look like any dog I would ever bring home.
The SPCA told us she was probably about a year and they made her “birthday” the day we adopted her.
We went through a couple of hours trying to decide on a name.   Bree almost was Vino! Adam picked out the name Bree and it’s perfect.
Queen Bree is certainly the queen bee in this house!  She’s funny, she’s playful, she a total cuddle bug, she loves taking walks and going for rides.   She plays well with others.  And more than anything she’s a spoiled brat.

I can’t believe I was insistent on passing this girl up.   I can’t imagine a day without Queen Bree.
Above his a pic of Bree with one of her birthday treats.   She’s heading for the door with hers while Dodger heads for the bedroom with his!
Happy 3rd birthday, Bree:)

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