The Shack- book review

shack  This will remain one of favorite books of all time.   My mom read it and she couldn’t stop talking about it.  She told me it was  about a little girl that was kidnapped at a campground.   Finally, after listening to her rave about this book for months, I agreed to read it.   Wow!  She could not be more right AND wrong!   Yes, there is a little girl that is kidnapped from a campground but my interpretation of this book and what I took away from it….that is such a small part of the story.  I took so much more away from this story.   In fact, I would venture to say this book CHANGED me.  It changed my way of thinking and my relationship with God.  Yes, God.   Its simplistic explanations made things so much more clearer.
I have to wonder what the author’s relationship with God is.  I imagine it to be amazing.   I am awe struck at the author’s insight.
I think this book has something to offer everyone.   For instance, for my mom, the book was about a campground kidnapping.  For myself, it was something totally different.
Every time I read this book in public, it never failed, someone stopped and commented on how much they loved the book.
Read it. It’ll enrich your life.



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