Gone Girl- book review

gg Oh my goodness, could NOT put this down! This is a MUST read!!  I was looking for something juicy, something with a reputation for being good.   I checked out the NY Times Best Seller List and came upon Gone Girl.  I’d heard of the movie (which I will very soon be watching!) While the book is $4.99 on Amazon (Kindle version) checking it out on the library’s digital downloads to my Kindle is FREE and you can’t beat free.
Since I have not seen the movie, I had no idea what to expect.  I just know I usually get good results by searching for best sellers.   This book is creepy, the characters are weird and there are more twists and turns in the story line than I’ve ever seen.   I can totally see this book playing out as a movie.
Is Nick a villan or just emotionally void?
Reading these types of books always has me wondering about the authors.  WHO thinks of this stuff?? Who’s mind works this way??
I give this book an A+; you won’t be able to get it out of your head!


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