How to date your spouse

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA  I’ve told my husband he should write a blog and call it, “how to date your spouse.”  Because let’s face it, he’s pretty damn good at it.   Don’t get me wrong, he’s a guy so sometimes he needs “guidance.”   For instance, for Christmas I never say things  like, “whatever you get me, I will love.”   Because I don’t lie to my husband, ok?
But one thing my husband has become  good at………listening.   By listening to your spouse, you can come up with so many sure fires ways to “keep the spark” so to speak.
I added this blog to date night because I think surprising your spouse with an amazing evening should definitely fall under “date night” status!
My ‘real’ job does not require me to work evenings or weekends so most of the time, I am home with my family to have meals.  But because I own my own business and work a 2nd job (mostly summer hours)  I am some times pulled away on weekends.    Hubby never fails to make coming home total bliss for me.
So I beg you guys,   put some thought in to it!!!  Look up recipes!!!  Do some shopping!! Do some planning!
I came home from a weekend shift today and my hubby surprised me big time.   We drank wine as we cooked together.  He made caprese over a crustini with balsamic vinegrette.
Salad, a nice new Pinot Prigio for us to try together and then chicken parmesan.  Because why?  Because he took the time.
If your spouse is not used to (and REALLY doesn’t want to) work evenings and/or weekends, the last thing she wants to do is come home to a kid who hasn’t bathed, a filthy house and the question as she walks in the door, “what’s for dinner??”
Husbands! Take note!   The perfect night doesn’t mean getting all dressed up and doing a fancy dinner and a Broadway show.   It just involves effort.
1. suggest your kiddo have a sleep over (elsewhere) or a visit to grandma’s house
2.  look up a recipe!!  It doesn’t make you a girl!!
3.  Go to the store… it while she’s at work and be ready for her
4.  Go all out.   Cook for her; buy her a nice wine.  ( a NICE wine, not an expensive wine- two different things!)
5. Sit back and enjoy the smiles.  The look on her face will say it all

SANYO DIGITAL CAMERARecipe for chicken parm upon requst!


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