Wine Review- 2013 Belle Ambiance




This is a brand new category for wineymom- wine reviews.  Duh! Why have we not done this up until now??
Occasionaly Adam and I will review an affordable wine.   Adam, being a wine maker for over 8 years and belonging to a wine club, is much more educated in correct wine tasting than myself.   So I thought it would be fun, each month, to give his review and then mine, as I see his review using terms like “malolactic fermentation”  and such.
You’ll find my reviews will use terms such as “it’s good.”  or “that’ll getcha there.”
So enjoy!

His review –  Clean and fresh, fruit forward wine.  Medium bodied with bright acidity.  A hint of mineral notes but probably less than your typical Pinot Grigio.   $7.19 on sale at Kroger.  Great with italian food.

Her review- This is a VERY good Pinot Grigio!   It’s light, it’s crisp; very easy to drink with a great meal.  I wouldn’t recommend this as much for an evening drinking wine as I would recommend it more, like a said, with a good italian dinner.

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