April Wine Review- Dark Horse Chardonnay


This is a brand new category for wineymom- wine reviews.  Duh! Why have we not done this up until now??
Each month Adam and I will review an affordable wine.   Adam, being a wine maker for over 8 years and belonging to a wine club, is much more educated in correct wine tasting than myself.   So I thought it would be fun, each month, to give his review and then mine, as I see his review using terms like “malolactic fermentation”  and such.
You’ll find my reviews will use terms such as “it’s good.”  or “that’ll getcha there.”
So enjoy!



His Review– Typical California style Chardonnay.  Lighter on the oak and a slightly less buttery finish than some more high end Chardonnays.  Decent fruit; mostly pear notes.  Nice balance with a rounded mouth feel; probably from the oak and the MLF.  While I prefer my Chardonnays in a crisper style, this isn’t bad if you’re going for an oaked chardonnay.   $7.19 on sale at Kroger.

Her Review– Yeehaw! I actually have more to say about this than “it’s good.”  (Yes, I said yeehaw!)  I’m a huge fan of Chardonnay but UN OAKED.  Just not a fan of the oak flavor in wines.  I like my Chardonnays crisp.  While this is oaked, it’s light.  Yes, its buttery but again, lightly.  It’s much smoother than most oaked Chardonnays.  We will never review a wine above $10 and I think this is very fairly priced at $7.19    I would recommend this wine for gift giving, for a hostess gift, etc.  It’s simple, light and not over priced.


**Thank you to Hykeem for the great recommendation. May is right around the corner, Hykeem….What should we review next???


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