How much can I SAVE with $75???

I saw a blog where a lady layed out how she made 7 dinners for under $50 and she did all her shopping at Aldi.  When I read it, I thought, “that’s great, but I can beat that easy.”   I started researching on the cost of meals for our family of 3; and the cost of eating out lunches.   What I came up with:
dollar sign The average lunch at our junior high is $3 a day.    If my husband AND myself chose to eat out lunch every work day and we spent an average of $6 each (which is probably low) between the three of us, we would spend $15 a day on lunch.  That’s $75 a week……that’s $300 a month!!!  And that’s lunch!!!  That doesn’t include the occasional dining out or the pizza deliveries.
So that’s where my budget blog was born!   I’m going to see how many ‘dinners for three’ AND how many lunches for the three of us I can make with $75!   So to better explain; each dinner will feed THREE people.   But lunches are individual for the three of us so basically 3 smalls and a large……
So my attempt is get to 4 meals a day and see how far I can stretch that $75.

Let’s start out with the rules, shall we?  list
1.  I did all my shopping at Aldi.  I felt like it was fair to purchase everything at one store.SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA
2. I have not included salt, pepper, spices.   I’m going to assume, Mother Hubbard, that your cubbards are not bare.
3.  I did not include drink items.   Look, we all spend a lot at the grocery store.   This is about stretching our meal dollar as far as we can.
4.   Don’t bash me please.  I’m not doing the Gwyneth Paltrow’s $29 challenge….I get it, welfare sucks.  I’m also not advertising the most nutritional meals…….just trying to get by, feedin’ the fam.
5. Be flexible!  Buy items such as a box of spaghetti, a bag of potatoes, things that can be used for more than one meal.
6. Be flexible!   Taking left overs for lunch saves LOTS of money!


Ok, let’s see how we do!
Here is our grocery list and what we spent!       list


  1. Burger- 5 pd pk   $15
  2. box of spaghetti- $1.79
  3. garlic bread $1.79a
  4. can of tomatoes .59
  5. pack of chili powder .49
  6. can of chili beans .59
  7. bag of onions .99
  8. 3 blocks of cheese at $1.79 each
  9. pack of bologna .95
  10. loaf of bread $1.39
  11. Mayo  $1.98
  12. bag of chips  $1.49
  13. bag of oranges $2.49
  14. sloppy joe seasoning pack  .49
  15. burger buns  .89
  16. pack of string cheese  $2.79
  17. bag of chicken breasts   $6.99
  18. bag of potatoes $1.99
  19. can of green beans .49
  20. cream of mushroom soup .79
  21. can of mixed veg .65
  22. can of biscuits   .49
  23. peanut butter  $1.69
  24. jelly   $1.45
  25. eggs  $1.85
  26. bacon   $3.29
  27. bagels $1.69
  28. cream cheese .99
  29. applesauce- 6 pk.   $1.49
  30. hard salami $2.99
  31. saltines .99
  32. can of chick peas .65
  33. bag of apples   $2.99
  34. hot dogs .79
  35. hot dog buns .89
  36. jiffy jix   .47
  37. gallon of milk $1,9
  38. can of soup  .50
    +   $74.42


So here we go!!!!


Dinner for a family of three:
Spaghetti w/ sauce and meat
garlic bread

Dinner for a family of three:
3 chicken breasts
green beans and potatoes
wife lunch-left over spaghetti and sauce
hubby lunch- left over spaghetti and sauce
Jr. high– pb&j; chips; apple


Day Three
Dinner for a family of three–   Crock pot of chili (use some onion!) and spaghetti
cheese and saltines
wife lunch-left overs chicken, beans and potatoes
hubby lunch– left overs-chicken, beans and potatoes
jr. high– Bologna sandwhich with mayo;  apple sauce; cheese stick
* That puts us at 9 MEAls!!!!!  

Day Four
Dinner for a family of three– chicken ala king- this uses your last chicken breast, can of mixed veggies, can of cream soup, can of biscuits and a small amount of milk
wife lunch– left over chili with cheese and saltines
hubby lunch– left over chili with cheese and saltines
jr. high– sandwhich of hard salami with mayo, chips, orange,cheese stick

Day Five
Dinner for a family of three- Sloppy joes on buns with chips
Wife lunch – hot dog on bun; apple; cheese stick
hubby lunch– left over chicken ala king
jr. high– hot dog on bun, apple, cheese stick
That puts us at 17 meals!!!  dollar sign

We’ve got plenty of food left!   More meals in the next blog post!!


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