Cha Cha Cha Chia!

If you follow my blogs, you know that I was recently (forced to) change to a high fiber diet.   And to also address the big WL- weight loss.  I can choose to face this challenge with excitement yet I have decided to take the bitch and moan road.
If you follow me on Pintrest   you know that I spend a great deal of time on the site.  It’s a boat load of knowledge along with being a time thief as well.   However in this case, I have used Pintrest to find lots of info and recipes for high fiber foods/snacks.     One thing I had decided to do was add Flax Seeds to my diet.  Mainly because they add fiber and I know where I can purchase a big bag cheap.
However, once I took the time to read and compare between adding flax seed and chia seeds, for myself, it was a no brainer to add the chia.  When making the decision for yourself, it depends on what benefits you are looking for.  But because Chia seeds are much higher in fiber, are known to boost energy, are lower in calories than flax- that was the choice for me.   Plus I have found some amazing ways to use Chia seeds in my daily eating.  I will begin sharing recipes with you in future updates.   Please look for these recipes under catagories My Journey and Yummies.




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