My Bree

10995929_10152792257518871_1361842698409091402_n  This is my Bree.  In May, she will be 3 years old.   This is one little lady that I would NEVER thought would come in to my life.   Let me explain—–
As I single mom, I purchased my own home for myself and my daughter.  The next thing I got was a dog.   It’s what I always wanted.  Not only did I get a dog but I got a Great Dane.  And after my first Great Dane, Bo, passed away, I got a Great Dane, Jack.   And while I had Jack, I fostered Great Danes.  Imagine a small 2 bedroom house with 3 Great Danes….yeah.
Homes were found for my fosters and we were left spoiling Jack.   Until Jack was stolen from our back yard.
My daughter and I were destroyed.   Jack was the clown in our lives.   A few weeks after Jack was gone, my mom told me about her friend who had a dog just show up at her house.   She wasn’t able to keep the dog but the dog would not go away.  Every day she would come home from work and the dog would be sitting on her porch.    She contacted vets, she hung signs; no one claimed her porch dog.   I agreed to drive out and see the dog.    My mom, my daughter and myself drove out to mom’s friend’s house.  We pulled into her drive.   Molly opened up the side door of our mini van and a yellow/red dog came out of no where, jumped in the back seat and actually smiled.  I tried to get the dog to get out of the van but she wouldn’t budge.   And that was it.  Knowing nothing about the dog, I closed the mini van door and off we went.
The whole ride home Molly was obviously excited but all I could think about while I was driving is “I have my baby in the back seat with a strange dog.  What if the dog bites her?  What if it suddenly attacks?”  My anxiety level was crazy.   What the hell was I doing???
I don’t remember if it was me or my mom who asked Molly, “what would you want to name the dog?”  Molly instantly said, “Ginger.”   I remember thinking, “where did she come up with that??”   I remember my mom saying, “I think that’s the perfect name!”
As we became attached to Ginger, she earned the nickname, “girlfriend.”  For many reasons.  She certainly became a best friend.
And as my husband walked in to our home for the very first time and my mouth fell open as Ginger loved him (she was a true character predictor)
Our vet estimated Ginger at 10 months when we got her.  When I took her to the SPCA to get her tags, the amazing Harold Dates estimated her at 10 months.  So 10 months it was!
So with that estimated birthdate, Ginger passed away 1 month before her 12th birthday.
We had already welcomed Dodger in to our lives a few years before so we were not dog less.  The thought of “replacing” Ginger was repulsive but yet, we had two dogs for so long, it was weird to not have that ‘2 dog chaos.’
One of my past times, MOSTLY when I would NEVER be able to adopt was to go the SPCA and pet the pups.   I always had rules for the kids.   Walk down the middle, do not stick your fingers in cages and NO pit bull interaction!!!!
A couple weeks after Ginger passed I asked Adam if we could go to the SPCA.  I SWEAR, I had no intention on adopting.  No interest.
We petted a few; we even took one out to the play yard.   The thought of bringing a dog home made my stomach turn.   As we were returning a dog to the cage and I turned to see Molly with her fingers in a cage of a dog that “appeared” to have pit bull in her sent me in a rage.   Molly had “dog rules” drilled into her since she was VERY young.   She knew not to put her fingers in that cage.   I yelled.  I yelled loud.  Yet Molly continued to say, “but Mom, she’s so cute.  let’s play with her.”   After much argument, I agreed to take the dog from the cage.  WHY?????
Very long story short, we left that day with Bree.  Adam was vocal about his concerns.   I wasn’t. On the inside I knew I was making the biggest mistake ever.  I knew I was jumping the gun bringing a dog home and this would never work out.  I was scared.
Bree was 10 months when we got her (just like Ginger)
My fears?
What if she does have pit bull in her?
What if she is not house trained and can’t be house trained?
What if Dodger hates her?
What if she hates my mom’s dog?


Ginger was “Princess Ginger”  She was the original ‘girlfriend.’
Bree is “queen Bree”  I find myself wanting to say, “hey girlfriend.”    but I can’t.
I think Queen Bree will be ‘sis’  as in “sister.”


By the way, Bree is not pit bull….she is Boxer/Boston Terrior>   But when anyone asks I always respond with…..”Oh she’s a rare breed….she’s a sweetie peetie with a sugar booger.”

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