Annie’s Mac and Cheese- Product Review

           I have a teenager in the house so of course I have a mac n’ cheese eater.   All things MAC N’ CHEESE!   I feel like I should Google a ‘mac n’ cheese’ festival.  I’m sure one must exist!

An organic mac n’ cheese is not something I would seek out.  In fact, my weirdo family would prefer the cheapest box of store brand mac n’ cheese out there.  Personally?   I do my best to avoid the processed foods out there and what could be more processed than boxed powered cheese that stays “fresh” on the shelf??  Uh,,,,,yummy??

But I have bought this brand.  For two reasons:

1. I’ve found boxes in the scratch and dent carts at my local grocery- (Road Runner says, “beep beep”  I say, “cheap cheap”
2. My grocer offers a free Friday item every week and this has been the item a time or two


I guess I don’t understand “organic”  What exactly does this mean?  Organic BOXED mac and cheese??  Like I said, we’ve had this in our house more than once and this box still offers the same as the other boxed mac n’ cheeses…….that pack of orange powder. Still requires me to add milk.  Oh and butter!

I’m sure I’m an uneducated consumer here so please school me.
What is healthier about Annie’s Mac n’ Cheese??

My preference would be that we would avoid  powdered, store shelved cheese as much as possible but when it comes to a family that loves their cheapy mac n’ cheese, there is nothing about this product that would make me spend extra for the word “organic.”



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