All For Anna- Book Review

    Another one of my Book Bub finds. For those that have a Kindle/e-reader you MUST have Book Bub in your life!
I’ve had All for Anna on my Kindle for quite a long time. I wasn’t avoiding it for any particular reason.  It sounded great.  I just keep so many books on there that it’s hard to choose.

Honestly, this book as a lot of everything. Drama, grief, romance, God.
I started out reading this and as a nurse that has dealt with serious trauma, I LOVED it.  Then Kai entered the story and I thought, “Ugh!! What  have I got myself into??!  This is a stupid romance book!!”

And yes, it is a romance book.  But not in the way you would think.  Not at all.  Let me say this, if you have a relationship with God and you have dealt with grief, this may be a good book for you.

It’s raw yet tender.   It’s graphic and real.  As a nurse, I could put myself in the main character’s position.
This story is about denial, running, trauma, fear, acceptance, VUNERABILITY, self forgiveness.    It’s a lot in one story.

This is not my normal read for sure.  Let’s be honest. The book I’m reading now is about a true crime murder in South Carolina.  But as a christian that seems to have a revolving door relationship with God, this book was a treat.


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