Campfire cooking

Recently took a two day camping trip and challenged ourselves to cook all of our meals over a campfire. Now remember, we are not tent campers.  We have a 30′ foot pull behind. We “glamp”
So we normally cook on our stove or griddle, lol.

Anyhoo, here’s what we came up with


  • bacon wrapped dogs
  • breakfast casserole in a dutch oven
  • foil packs

Here is our recipe for the bacon wrapped dogs!

I’m going to give you hubby’s version then the healthier version, lol

He did:
sections of smoked sausage.
Slice down the middle. Insert a cheddar cheese stick
Wrap around a piece of bacon.  Secure with a tooth pick
Place on fire place grate.


I did:
Turkey dogs
Slice down the middle Insert a *Fit & Active cheese stick (purchase at Aldi’s) ( ONE WW point)
Wrapped with turkey bacon


Either way you go, it’s dinner with friends and family around a camp fire.





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