South West Egg Rolls in the air fryer

  Got an air fryer for Mother’s Day! And while I ‘thought’ I wanted one, once I had it, I was totally intimidated by it.  Wasn’t sure it was even something I would use much.  But I conquered it and I am in love.  I have a tiny kitchen with no counter top space and yet I never put my air fryer away because I use it so much!
I LOVE egg rolls! I’m addicted to egg rolls!  But I’m not addicted to the deep fryer. Follow along to my next several posts as I’ll give recipes for some of my favorite egg roll recipes.
This recipe is my husband’s favorite so far. I calculated this as 3 points on Weight Watchers (not including the dipping sauce.)

You will need:
Egg roll wrappers (my Kroger carries these in the refrigerated section in produce)
Lean burger
Taco Seasoning
Can of South West corn
Green chilis


Prepare burger meat with taco seasoning per instructions on seasoning package.
Once drained, add can of corn and chilis to the mix.
Drain again if needed.

Lay egg roll wrapper flat in diamond shape.  (so a corner pointed toward you)

Add your ingredients to center of wrapper. Make a pretty thick line of ingredients but don’t take all the way to the corners.
Starting at the corner closest to you. cover your ingredients; pulling them in towards you as you do.
Now tuck in side corners.   Wrap.
Slightly wet the top flap and seal.       (The instructions are on the egg roll wrapper package.

Line up on your air fryer rack……….200 degree for 10 min.   Turning half way through.


The dipping sauce:

Low fat sour cream
2 squirts of lime


Let me know what you think-


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