Missing Girls; The Truth Is Justice–Book Review

  Young Hannah leaves her house for school. Nothing unusual. Until it’s discovered she never made it to school.  Leads turn up nothing. The case goes cold. Her mother may never know what happened to Hannah.
Years later Hannah’s parents decide to move to another state. A place where no one knows their story.  Dad is ready for the change. Mom feels guilty but goes.  Only to find out that their new neighborhood has a past.   Young Victoria never made it home.  A man sits in prison for her murder.

This book plays out how Marcia (Hannah’s mom) attaches herself to Victoria’s story and seeks out the truth. Even going as far as having a relationship with the man accused of killing Victoria………………


This was an odd read.  So much so that I got 75% through and moved on to another book.  Completed the other book and this came back to finish this one.  There is a LOT of story line going on here……..lots of dynamics and some I don’t think even need to play a part in the story.
Over all, I’m on the fence.  Not going to highly recommend this one.  Sorry!

2 thoughts on “Missing Girls; The Truth Is Justice–Book Review

  1. Once in New Jersey, however, Marcella becomes obsessed with the infamous Edgar Smith, accused of murdering a young girl and with finding out the truth about his involvement in the crime.

    • Wineymom

      Awesome!!! You’ve read the book!

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