Indian Lake State Park- Campground Review

  We love camping and we love trying different parks. This was our second visit to this park but it’s been a few years since our first visit.
I like that this park has full hook ups. We have  a pull behind camper so I love full hook ups. But let’s get to the nitty gritty…….not everyone poops in their camper.  We just don’t. So I wasn’t super happy that the bathrooms were so far away from the full hook up sites.    (They could use more bathrooms)
While we’re on the subject of their bathrooms, let’s talk about their bathrooms.  The closest one to our site was the beach bathroom.  And while I didn’t use the men’s side, I’ll tell ya, the women’s side needs help.  One sink did not work at all.  As far as the other bathrooms throughout the park- sinks did not work, the sinks were VERY stained and oddly enough, one bathroom had a slide latch lock on the OUTSIDE of the main door.  What the heck??  Why?? This leaves a lot of room for teenagers to play pranks and lock people in the bathroom.
So the shower houses. Very nice!  Clean, private; appear to be new.
I love the fact that next to the beach they have a little cove that says, “dog beach.”  Super cute.  Also super filthy. My dogs would have nothing to do with it.  And we’re talking about a beagle that tried to carry around a dead fish tail so he’s not picky, folks.
We were there on a weekend and no activities for the kids. Not even a movie night and they have an ampetheater.
They rent out canoes, kayaks, peddle boats, etc.  Except it was closed!! Really?!?
I don’t know, over all I guess it’s a pretty typical Ohio State Park. I have no issue with going back. Positives- the lake view, especially from our site, was amazing.
If you’re a boat owner-this is the park for you.  Very good park for boat owners!
The breeze.  The weekend we went was blazing hot but we stayed comfortable because of the amazing breeze from the lake.
I totally recommend getting a dip of ice cream from the camp store!!  yummo!!

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