Horse Cave, Kentucky KOA- campground review

This will probably be one of my longer reviews as I have lots of detail to go over. But first let me say I’m pretty confused about how I feel about this place.  As you will see further down in this review, there were a LOT of negatives. We stayed 3 nights and by the 2nd night, the place kind of grew on us.  Will we be back?  I dunno.  Let’s start with the negatives and move up from there:
We stayed in site #83, which oddly sits all by itself. When we pulled into the site, we went back up to the office to ask if there was a full hookup site with any shade  available, as #83 does not have a tree in site.  And we were told that “the other full hook up sites are worse.”  Ok, so negative #1. No shade at all for full hook up sites.
#2. It’s expensive. I get it, it’s a KOA and they have a great reputation but I think this particular KOA could tone down their prices a bit simply because of the other negatives listed below.
#3. As all the reviews have mentioned….the lOCATION!  When you read that it literally sits feet away from the highway, that is no joke. You can walk to the highway and not build up a sweat.  And the way #83 sites, you are literally staring at the highway.  Plant some pine trees, maybe?
#4. The highway is straight ahead. The adult book store is to your left. So when you get tired of watching the traffic, you can stare at a sign that reads ADULT and can be seen from all over the park.
#5. While the park seemed to be clean, there was a lot of detail being looked over. For instance, the steps to walk up to the office from the playground are not lit. And they could be. Except that the solar lights are dug up and laying in a pile of dirt next to the steps.  Not only is that unsightly but it’s not safe, people.
#6. The pool is kind of small and according to my daughter and her friend, it was cloudy.
#7. The area looks abandoned. Like everything is closed up, vaccant and forgotten
#8. No scheduled activities!  At a KOA??? We’ve stayed in a few KOAs and I believe the norm is non stop activities.  And we stayed in June. It’s not like its the off season.  For what they are charging a night, a hayride or something would be nice.
#9.  No wi-fi. Their website advertises wi-fi but there is a framed sign on the deskt that says it’s not working.  If you printed out a sign and framed it, that wifi has been out for a while.
#10.  Hand dryer in women’s restroom doesn’t work.  (details!)

Let’s start hitting some high notes, shall we?
A. Catch and release pond- nice touch
B. Picnic shelter with grill; very clean and nice
C.  Bathrooms are very clean and I witnessed the staff cleaning them often.
D. The pillow jump is really neat; the kids all seamed to enjoy it.
E.  Convenient to lots of local attractions.   (As you will read in my other reviews, I highly recommend Kentucky Down Under)
F.  Fairly well maintained; except for a few hiccups here and there)

We really like this area but for the cost, I’m thinking we may re-visit Jelly Stone our next time around.

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